Doozy counts on the Lifting Group team for the creation of its corporate presentation.

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Doozy  is a refreshing drink based on vitamins and natural micronutrients that are carefully formulated to help you at ever one of your routines. Each cap contains all the sealed ingredients in order to maintain their nutritional value, in addition to being healthy and fresh, without losing its effect.

The idea of the brand came about with the intention of preventing premixed vitamin drinks from losing their properties due to deterioration in water affected by time and light.

By only tightening the cap, the user breaks the seal and releases the vitamins and nutrients (15ml) in the water (330ml), in order to obtain the desired energy composition every time, for good hydration and good well-being.

Besides being a source of vitamins, it is a low-calorie , drink without artificial flavors or colors, or transgenic ingredients and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Doozy currently consists of two different products: Focus and Energy.

The first one, green tea with ginseng, green mate and lemon, is focused on optimizing your focus, memory and general cognitive stimulation throughout the day.

The second one, Energy, is designed for optimal health and energy, providing the following natural ingredients: baobab, blackcurrant, and honey bush with a splash of agave. baobab, blackcurrant, and honey bush with a splash of agave.


doozy proyecto web

The main objective of Doozy was to have a powerful and attractive corporate presentation tool for its launch on the Spanish market.

For this purpose, Doozy has relied on the Lifting Group team for the development of the brand’s corporate presentation, the characteristics of its Energy and Focus products, as well as the application of the cap to release vitamins and nutrients in the water without losing energy content.

We are very grateful for the trust placed by Doozy on our Lifting Group team. We look forward to collaborating on other projects together!

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