At Lifting Group we facilitate the interpretation of data to our clients, with the integration of Google Data Studio.

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At Lifting Group we work with some reference Big Data market toolsand thus we want to also implement Google Data Studio

Why Google Data Studio?

  • It is one of the reference Big Data tools on the market
  • It lets us to group all data and tools in the same place: Calculation sheets for Google, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google BigQuery, Social Media and other products
  • It enables us to complete the integrations of the main tools of the digital channel, with the other Operations of our clients like ERP, CRM, etc
  • We can examine data quickly, through clear and intuitive panels thatenable the modification of consulted dates
  • We provide more attractive reports and with information adapted to planned goals
  • Easy to share the informationwith different teams and departments


google data studio liftingroup


Like this, we can quickly analyze the data, using clear and intuitive panels that enable the modification of consulted dates. Also sending more attractive and efficient reports to our clients so that they can analyze the proposed objectives and results at greater depth.

Clients can find the following points elaborated in the information panels: information on the user profiles, the traffic coming from each channel, the conversion rates, the elaborated graphic material, the tasks carried out during that month and pending tasks, etc.

At Lifting Group we continue working to provide our clients with the best analysis of the obtained data thanks to the daily effort of our teams. Like this we ensure the best provision of our services,both in the Marketing Agency and Marketing Consultancy.

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