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The biological products and agricultural fertiliser manufacturing firm Plymag has just launched a new website. This is the finishing touch to this year, 2018 in which its 40th anniversary has been a major milestone.

The team at Imagine Creative Ideas, the creative and digital development agency of Lifting Group, has redefined the presence in the Digital Channel with a new website of the company to achieve a Plymag identity that is more in tune with the firm’s maxim: to work constantly for innovation in agriculture. Furthermore, it has been designed stressing the importance of easy user navigability, in addition to adapting to the current and modern digital trends, which allows the key points of Plymag’s marketing and communications strategy to be conveyed.

A website developed with WordPress at the forefront of its sector through which users can find out all the categories and variety of Plymag products in a highly intuitive way. Each product has its own page where the most relevant information appears and technical characteristics such as guaranteed richness and general dosages. In addition, if more information is required, each article has a contact form through which one can request it, making the e-commerce experience simple and complete for the user.


plymag web nueva


Strengthening the R&D and Innovation section, as well as the implementation of the Plymag Export section(where the company shows its international reach) allows users of different profiles and nationalities to obtain more information about what they are looking for and also invites them to discover new solutions.

In short, the redesign of Plymag’s website does not intend to be simply a medium of transmission of its catalogue, but a spearhead from which to reach new markets and customers with a digital strategy more in line with the process of the business strategy defined by our Marketing Outsourcing team.

At Lifting Group we appreciate the trust placed in our professionals for making us grow as a company and allowing us to learn and enjoy each project.


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