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Nothing is more exciting than a well-organised wedding. But there is not always time for the work that entails. The dress, the venue, the menu, guests … everything must slot into place on D-day!

At Secretos de Boda they know this and that is why they specialise in making your big day unforgettable. Their multiple services (coordination, consultancy, Wed-Club …) are specially designed for the couple to get a global vision in a simple way about the organising of the event.

At Lifting Group we design an SEO and blog content strategy, optimising the various landing pages and positioning the page for the most dynamic search result possible. The SEO strategy is implemented through actions such as Keyword Research, Analysis On & Offsite, SEO strategy, Linkbuilding and SEO content. Also very important is the work in terms of strategy in social networks, which aims to achieve objectives such as boosting the number of followers, with special emphasis on the engagement of publications and increasing the current database, since achieving an increase in traffic of the right audience is a primary objective in this project.


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The dynamic web content is also achieved with the creation of the Wed-Club and its periodic renewal of content, with the aim of creating a portal that invites physical interaction through which a bond is forged with the customer with the intention of enhancing their commitment with the brand, prioritising  user satisfaction at the personal level, as well as obtaining an optimal result with the service.

At Lifting Group we welcome this new client, with whom we will work to fulfil these objectives in a tangible and satisfactory way to generate unique experiences for their customers.

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