Marketing Outsourcing Service for Bartalent Lab: Strategy, Implementation and Design

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Bartalent Lab is a platform of and for waiters with which the company Coca Cola European Partners reaffirms its commitment to hotel and catering, which drives it to come up with new formulas of collaboration to create value and become a unique partner. A platform on which people in the waiting profession can view training and professional development content and news.

The Bartalent Lab platform together with the Marketing Outsourcing team at Lifting Group, have identified and developed a strategic roadmap. This year, 2018 has been a great one for Bartalent Lab, whose strategy has focused on organic growth to become a leader in the HORECA sector, as a knowledge platform for waiters.


The team of experts in Marketing Outsourcing at Lifting Group has developed and helped to define and implement that strategy for the Bartalent Lab seeking to meet 4 principal objectives:

  • Stimulate the acquisition channelswith the goal of increasing sessions in the first phase of the conversion funnel
  • Improve the conversion rateby monitoring KPIs and usability
  • Work on the brand reputationthrough a strategy of collaborations with well-known professionals, institutions and personalities sector.
  • Monitor behavioural trendsof several profiles in order to adapt particular actions to each phase.

With this strategy, the Marketing Outsourcing team at Lifting Group works day in, day out, with the aim of boosting traffic in the various channels, as well as improving the conversion rate on the Platform. Another of the important points of the strategy is to analyse the user’s behaviour, as well as to give the brand greater visibility and enhanced reputation through specific actions.

At Lifting Group, we feel excited about being able to continue to implement the strategy and develop the project in order to achieve the objectives set.

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