Lifting Group is an 8-year old marketing agency, time that has served us to face a great amount of challenges, and to turn them into successes for the whole team. 


“Growth is based on concern and curiosity. And in the way we manage both, in line with our goals”. These are words that I always bear in mind when facing new challenges at Lifting Group. They have a lot to do with balance and continuous movement. That is why I wanted to write these lines in our presentation, because we feel that we have been clearly able to reach our first goal: helping our clients to grow and progress. And we want to keep on doing so.

We still have many challenges and goals to achieve, but always alongside our clients, since it is thanks to them that we have been able to grow and progress, too.

This year, 2015, Lifting Group turns 8 years old. For us, it is special because the number 8 is our favorite number, and because of all it represents: continuous movement, balance, a regeneration base and the atomic number of oxygen. To grow, to better yourself, to help, to achieve.

David Garcia

CEO & Co-Founder Lifting Group

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