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We are the social media agency that will make you grow and reach your target audience with a convincing message.

Social Media Agency: We improve your presence on Social Networks

As a Social Media Agency, at Lifting Group we understand the specific needs of your business and we specify them through actions for social networks that consolidate the online channel of your brand. Through a proven methodology, we manage not only to identify but to connect with the public relevant for your brand and to dynamize it so that conversations generated in the social networks about your brand generate positive synergies.

Our proposal in social media is built in a completely personalized way for your business in order to achieve the objectives in an effective way and adapt it to the Online Channel and digital services strategy of your business.

Social networks are part of the company’s identity, one of the most visible parts of the company and the most direct communication channel between client and company. Hence the importance of drawing up a solid strategy in Social Media with clear objectives and measurable results.

Reasons to choose us over other Social Media agencies


Thanks to our experience in the digital environment we know that each client has specific needs and at Lifting Group we adapt to them and provide value.


Defining a clear strategy for our presence in Social Media is essential to ensure the performance of our brand in different social networks.


At Lifting Group we have a unique methodology based on our experience. Our service is always personalizedstrategic and measurable.


As a Social Media Agency we have developed our methodology, which is the result of our experience and constant work to improve day by day. Our proposals on social networks always have a methodological basis, customized, strategic and measurable:

  • We understand your specific needs .
  • We create the strategy in different networks according to these needs, using specific tools.
  • We plan and produce the content to target the desired audience.
  • We implement the strategy and publish the content.
  • We monitor the activity generated in each social network.
  • We measure the results obtained and adapt the strategy accordingly: we are based on constant adaptation to continue to meet the set objectives

Our services as a Social Media Agency

As a Social Media Agency we propose the challenge of building a successful social media presence strategy model ,which at the same time generates synergies with the rest of the actions within the Online Channel and the rest of the channels. Any Social Media strategy must be aligned with the general objectives of the company, this challenge implying:

  • Define a clear strategy where we will define not only in which social networks we should deploy the social media strategy but also what should be the qualitative and quantitative objectives in each of them.
  • Development of an community manager service: constant and integral management of all the social profiles of your business for the different networks, and for your different markets, either by channel/brand segmentation as a target.
  • Monitoring, Listen & Respond and online reputation management, where we involve not only social networks but what happens around them with the brand
  • Consulting and advice in the definition and implementation of the Social Media strategy

Advantages of having a Social Media Strategy from Lifting Group

 Social networks are a powerful ally in these days; in order to express their full potential it is important to properly define the strategy we are going to follow and for this purpose we must know the environment and our target audience well. Our actions must be in tune with what the latter want. That is why as a Social Media Agency, Lifting Group works to know the target audience of your brand in depth and design a strategy that brings value to your business.

The following are some of the advantages of having a good Social Media strategy:

  • Increase your brand awareness: social networks are a powerful communication channel and also help your brand to be more accessible.
  • Increase your brand loyalty: when a customer can follow your company on social networks it creates a link with your brand and tends to consume it.
  • Better positioning in search engines: one of the most influential factors in SEO is the mentions in social networks.
  • Increase in incoming traffic: if the content of your social networks is of interest to your audience, this will transform into more traffic to your website and so more conversions.
  • Improve your conversion rate: social networks allow you to create a link with the potential customer; since it is a closer channel, this allows the public to perceive your brand as more human and it react accordingly.
  • Low investment: compared to traditional media, investment in advertising is much cheaper.
  • Obtain data: this is the best way to know your potential customer, know what he/she likes and who are your potential customers

Why trust the Social Media Strategy of your business to Lifting Group?

Lifting Group is a marketing agency that has 10 years of experience. Our experts in social networks provide this Social Media Agency  with the ability to significantly improve your company’s presence on social networks. Having an experienced group of social media specialists will help you meet your business objectives ,so that:

  • You will be able to modulate, control and lead the impact your business or brand acquires in the digital environment
  • You will manage to enhance these direct channels, without intermediaries with the desired audience to carry out an active listening that involves the potential improvement of your product or service
  • You will create a link with your current or potential customers to make them prescribers of your brand and let them talk about your product
  • You will extend the reach of your business to a desired audience.

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