Public Relations

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At Lifting Group, we make your audience talk about you, and in a positive way. We have experts in PR that will turn your business or brand into a usual concept among your audience and a well-known prestigious entity within your sector. We will position your business as an essential reference in your audience’s ideology thanks to our constant management of your reputation.

We work at online and offline levels to offer you a higher impact among the target audience and we integrate the relations with your audience within communication and marketing global strategy. All of this is done with the idea of transmitting the coherent, solid and trustworthy image you seek, resulting in an improvement in your business’s activity, because you will have the appreciation of current and potential audiences.



  • Press releases
  • Media relations
  • Contact with bloggers and influencers
  • Event organization
  • Publicity
  • Activity on social networks
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Brand relations
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Crisis communication management[/one_third][two_third_last]


  1. We assess the most effective techniques according to the sector and goals you are aiming toward.
  2. We will reach an agreement about the message you want to transmit to the target audience.
  3. We plan a strategy with specific actions for each technique.
  4. We implement this strategy within a fixed calendar in order to ensure the highest possible visibility
  5. We monitor the buzz generated from these actions to control the consequences and to react to them when necessary.
  6. We analyze the generated results and we draw up a detailed report, focusing on the next steps to follow and the possible modifications in order to adapt the strategy to the particular circumstances.[/two_third_last]


  • Visibility and reputation
  • Brand recognition
  • Credibility and entity
  • Being able to attend to and to control all your audiences in order to offer information and transparency, improving your business’ activity
  • Being capable of detecting new audiences to strengthen synergies or to reduce possible setbacks