Internationalization Strategy

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Lifting Group has a team of specialized consultants in foreign trade consulting to design and implement international development strategies for its customers, from expansion to diversification and overseas growth of the business.

Our team deals with the established challenges and defines the actions to be carried out for a correct expansion of the business. As a foreign trade agency we are alongside our customers and help them to access new markets, to meet and manage investors and to visualize business opportunities. We are a foreign trade consultancy that accompanies its customers in the important step that is international growth.


When a company decides that it is the appropriate moment for growing and expanding out of its boundaries, it is necessary to carry out a prior analysis of the situation and the map of opportunities. It is of vital importance to define within the global strategy of the company the strategic weight of internalization, timings, resources to be allocated, precedents and competitors, in both the local market and the external competitors.

At Lifting Group, we help to turn opportunities into realities, allowing customers to get the best performance from their competitive advantages. We turn the challenge of investing in new markets into success.



Market research to define the best market opportunities and their characteristics.

Identifying entrance barriers (together with our partners and collaborators, we can give a global vision of projects at various levels: legal, structural, financial, logistical, etc.).

Strategic plan of entrance per country, defining the portfolio strategy for the brand, product, price, etc.[/two_fifth][two_fifth_last]

Implementation plan and deliverable Roadmaps.

Defining operations and the relation between the new and main markets (customer service, presence channels, etc.).

Growth optimization and scale and local economy consolidation.[/two_fifth_last]