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The creative team at Lifting Group is part of the family, but it has a different status. They are creative minds and, for that reason, we allow them to introduce themselves in their own way… no better or worse, just different:

“It was 2007 when several brave and intrepid idea creators came together to imagine a custom-made world: Imagine Creative Ideas. The agency was born with the vocation to be creative above all else.

Over the years, we have grown, but we have never lost our main reference that led us to be where we are today. Always intending to evolve and to improve our services, at Imagine Creative Ideas we are a young and fresh team devoted to creating and successfully transmitting our clients’ values through our work.

If we have still not convinced you to contact us, we invite you to visit our creative portfolio, where you can see a sample of what we do. We hope you will like it, and that we can, at least, get to know each other. We love meeting new people with new projects”.

Imagine Creative Ideas is part of Lifting Group, part of our family. But they are that joker brother and the dreamers of the family. However, with good teamwork with the best professionals of each area, we can say that we are proud of them.

Imagine Creative Ideas is a creative agency within a group (Lifting Group) that is a Strategy Consultancy and Marketing Agency. We are different from other agencies because we have a part of consultant DNA in our projects. We build brand experiences in order to turn the goals of our clients into reality. We want your business to grow, but in a creative and strategic way. We suggest, ask, and convince based on experience, ability and all the support that being part of Lifting Group gives us.

Therefore, as a result, you get a positive experience and your company manages to:

  • Grow
  • Improve its visibility
  • Transmit its values
  • Stand out

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