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The Retail Channel and the Sales Point strategy become the driving service of Lifting Group’s Sales Point Channel. This is focused on maximizing and optimizing our customers’ sales point presence, as well as defining the development strategy in this channel and its integration with the rest of the channels (Digital, Marketing, Expansion, etc.).

We work for markets aimed at B2C and B2B, always with the same goal: to achieve the objectives established by our customers in their shops, corners, franchises, leisure and catering areas, etc. The aim is to achieve the maximum objective conversion and the highest profitability for the business at the so-called “moment of truth” in the world of marketing: when our consumers get face-to-face with our product and choose it over that of competitors.


Retail strategy is therefore an essential aspect to improve in any business, brand or product. At Lifting Group, we are specialized and committed in this and we use the best tools and knowledge to achieve our customers’ final goal: sales.

We are specialists in those actions and strategies aimed at gaining the consumer’s loyalty towards the sales point through interaction. It is a step further in conventional marketing, which consists in keeping and maintaining the customer once we have gained their attention. In this way, we achieve a higher return of investment, and that the consumer chooses us for their next purchase.


Our team defines the business model at a retail strategy level, analyses and defines the consumer’s circuit, and interacts with them, transmitting the values and benefits and turning the process into a positive and constructive experience with a product, service and brand. We involve the rest of the channels, ensuring a Customer Journey and Customer Experience (CX) of much higher value.


  • Marketing Staff Mobilization and Management
  • Sales Point Development
  • Retail Strategies
  • Range Management
  • Digital Signage
  • Sales Point Communication
  • Sales Point Technology Incorporation
  • Channel Synergies and Hierarchy: OMNICHANNEL