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Pixebuy, an expanding online business holding that is continually growing


Pixebuy is an online business holding involved in different specialization sectors that over the last few years has grown, expanded, and positioned itself not only in the national market but also in key international markets: France, Italy, United Kingdom, German, Austria, and Portugal.

Their success lies in different businesses under the umbrella brand “Pixebuy” specializing in sale of products through an Online Channels.

Out of the different business divisions of Pixebuy, the most successful to date is Chupetemanía, an e-commerce selling accessories and compliments for babies.

Under the slogan “Don’t wait for the opportunity, create it”, Pixebuy has positioned itself as a reference online business network capable of offering innovative products in an easy way and with a client service based on excellence. This clear example of commitment to added value has enabled them to grow steadily, constantly increasing the number of satisfied clients. Currently the business group Pixebuy has more than 60,000 satisfied clients that are growing at a very strong rate with over 10K satisfied clients per month.

Lifting Group have developed a Business Strategy focused on Online Channels for increasing the sales of all the divisions of the Pixebuy group.

With this objective in mind, all the business units of the group have been reviewed to increase their business volume and invoicing, as well as to optimize internal processes and costs. In addition, a study was carried out on the synergies between the different units in order to take them to an international level.

First, we performed an audit to establish the importance of the different divisions and their contribution to the business, through different markets in which the brands of the group are involved.

Then, we identified the elements that add value for each brand and their contribution to the global strategy of Pixebuy. Through the preparation of a Strategic Plan and Roadmap definition for strategic actions such as optimization of the logistics channel, acquisition of skills and other actions in the digital channel (SEO, SEM, Email Marketing) we aim to achieve a solid positioning for each of the business units of the group.

We are extremely happy to have been able to help our client become a reference online business, with sales figures with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 50%.



  • Outline a Business Plan and define all the elements of value for each unit in the group, as well as their contribution to the Global Strategy: Business, Marketing, Sales, Channels, International Expansion.
  • Establish a Roadmap of strategic actions, define the Key Business Performance indicators (KPI) as well as the business objectives and the marketing plan.
  • Identity the leverage points for improving the performance and global growth of the Pixebuy business.
  • Control, monitoring and tracking of the KPIs in order to optimize the costs.




















  • Solid positioning of each business unit of Pixebuy.
  • Opening of new markets on a national and international level.
  • Improve client satisfaction and increase the rate of return business/repeating customers by 30%.
  • Reduce publicity costs by 30% and operational costs by 15%.



This client has put into operation a Digital Strategy developing the following services: