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Blue Planet, growing together with a Strategy focused on achieving a greater volume of business

Blue Planet are professionals with broad expertise in supplying bottled mineral water and water treatment via filtration systems and osmosis. Their services are centered around resolving the fundamental needs of each individual client and in offering solutions specifically designed for the final consumer, be they businesses or individuals.

From the beginning, they have always known to opt for innovation and creativity as a business philosophy. It was precisely this manner of thinking which led the directors of Blue Planet to search out new business opportunities and explore new channels of communication which would allow them to reach a greater amount of people more efficiently.

They contacted Lifting Group to design an Omnichannel Strategy, specifically tailored to their needs, the ultimate aim of which was to improve the client experience of the brand and product within all aspects of supporting activities, be it through the Online Channel, Sales, sponsorship activities, etc.

There are more and more people who now know and confide in the quality and efficiency that comes with counting on the experienced services of a corporate group that is expanding thanks to the success that’s been achieved over the last few years. Having the support of the strategic consultants at Lifting Group has allowed the company not only to obtain growth and conversion rates beyond expectations, but also a unique and memorable image which is perceived in each part of the steps and actions taken by Blue Planet.

The brand has become a brand of reference in the large scale water distribution market, not only at professional level but for individuals as well.  The creation of the portal Aguadomicilio, created especially for the individual consumer, forms part of the new strategy aimed at expanding the target and volume of the company´s business.

All these efforts have allowed for further expansion of the Blue Planet Brand, and allowed them to obtain an increased number of visits and conversions that have surpassed all expectations.






  • The need to harmonize the corporate image of different commercial mediums and communications
  • The optimization of online marketing campaigns in Google AdWords
  • The creation of catalogs of products and commercial materials in keeping with the corporate image
  • Achieve an increase in the number of leads, both online and offline
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  • Development of a new communication strategy for client capture, loyalty building and cross selling.
  • Development of a new strategy to capture clients through offline and online mediums, with growth of over 500 %.
  • Reduction of monthly costs for AdWords campaigns, increasing conversions in figures above 3.5 %.
  • Exceeding strategic expectations in capturing clients through online and offline mediums, going beyond the objectives hoped for, with a growth of more than 150 % in the first year.
  • Implementation of a strategy for social network presence.
  • Development of offline communications strategies in print and publicity mediums.
  • Creation of the website, to boost the sales of packs to individuals.
  • Definition of an organic positioning strategy through its online cannel.
  • Plans for email marketing campaigns. New strategy for developing customer loyalty.