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Lentillas Sí has quadrupled its traffic, increased its visibility and by default it sales by 70% through Digital Channels

Lentillas Sí is an online store selling contact lenses and eyesight specialist products and ocular care solutions. They are experts in the commercialization of top brands such as Acuvue, Biofinity, and Air Optix. Thanks to their experience and knowhow of the sector, Lentillas Sí offer the same lenses as top brands that are 100% original with savings of up to 50% on the RRP.

Apart from offering the most competitive prices on the market, Lentillas Sí know how to offer added value to their clients. The team takes care to provide a service tailored to the individual needs of their clients. To do this they have a certified Optical-Optimetrist Technical Director always available to resolve any type of technical doubts about their products sold on the web.

Lentillas Sí got in contact with Lifting Group to consolidate their position in the Spanish market through online channels. In response we worked on putting into place an SEO Strategy focused on improving the performance of its web page, the visibility of their branding in the most important searches for their business and generating quality traffic to increase the conversion rate.

The effort and team work has reaped benefits and after several months working alongside the company, we have fulfilled our main objective: more visibility for Lentillas Sí on online channels, with an exponential increase in sales and positioning of the brand as one of the reference portals in lens sales in the Spanish market.






  • Define a strategy for online channels for positioning the brand as a reference company in the commercialization of lens and eye-sight specialist products and ocular care solutions.
  • Increase the web traffic and strengthen the interaction with the client.
  • Development of a SEO and SEM strategy for boosting sales.
  • Provide support to Social Network Strategy.
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  • Quarterly increase in sales up 70%.
  • Quarterly increase in revenue through organic traffic up 250%.
  • Year-on-year increase of web traffic up 400%.
  • Growth of the number of repeated business/repeating clients up 92%