Cultivating growth and the evolution of the Agbar group

From its foundation, in 1867, the Agbar business group has known how to promote water management and ecology, projecting a vision of the future, and it currently stands out as an international reference, thanks to its commercial efforts in countries including Spain, Chile, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia, Algeria, Peru, Brazil, Turkey and the USA. After 145 years generating business growth, based on developing manpower and maintaining criteria of economic, social y ecological responsibility, the Agbar group has grown into a successful business, capable of contributing value to modern society and facing new challenges in the future.

To offer the best service to 25.6 million people daily, the group needs to center all efforts on their area of specialization. To that end, they count on a business strategy that stimulates growth and the group’s business evolution, always opting for innovation and for the use of new technologies.

At Lifting Group, we have worked on the development of distinct services like SEO, Email Marketing, Design Outsourcing, Development of digital projects and identity. Focused on offering a harmonized experience through all channels, as well as in internal and external communications with special emphasis on the online channel and B2B commerce.

Working hand-in-hand with this important client and their team has permitted us to consolidate some very favorable results and achieve the objectives for growth established. The group is now a business of reference at local and international level.


  • To increase brand presence; notoriety and visibility on the Online Channel at international level.
  • To increase traffic towards the brand’s website.
  • To accumulate more leads through contact forms.
  • To increase registrations through the Newsletter. 
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  • Generation of greater visibility on portals of reference in the sector.
  • Monitoring the competition.
  • Control of the keywords and online SEO.
  • Generation of landings of content and diligent KW strategies.





For this client we have executed the following services, always focused on offering the most harmonized experience possible in every channel, giving special relevance to the online channel and B2B commerce.

Business Strategy and Consultancy

Marketing Strategy


Digital Strategy