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Valero, promoting its tradition and artistry with a tremendous amount of creativity made to order

Founded in 1957, Valero is a brand of reference in the artisan bakery sector in Barcelona, in which it stands out for its wide range of product diversification. Currently managed by the second generation, with the third generation involved in the process, it is a company which has grown over the years, all the while remaining committed to the value of tradition and artistry.

Together with Valero, we have defined a marketing and communications Global Strategy, including point-of-sale/retail strategies and the renovation of the brand identity.  Our fundamental objective is to increase sales and promote diversification as a commercial strategy.

To do this, we have launched an Omnichannel strategy, which focuses on incrementing the brand name presence via new channels and improving their productivity through strategic actions tailored to the situation. Thanks to the efforts of the entire team, we have been able to increase the presence of Valero on our online Channel.  We have also promoted the brand name in different franchises through the development of customized creative solutions, designed specifically to promote the corporate values of our brand:  tradition, quality and artistry.




  • Redefine marketing and communications management, provide a strategic vision in relation to the brand, channels and identity.
  • Expand point-of-sale dynamics, listen to and satisfy the needs and tastes of the clients.
  • Strengthen the B2B channel, which was under-developed in the beginning.
  • Refocus communications and availability at the point-of-sale. Improve our presence and enhance the client´s buying experience.
  • Renovate the identity of the brand, identifying, as always, with the fundamental values of the company: tradition, quality and family.
  • Increase sales.
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  • Definition and implementation of a new strategy regarding the company´s own Point-of-Sale, redesigning the model and improving product communication.
  • Diversification of the organic growth of the points-of-sale, to be able to initiate expansion through franchises.
  • Structuring the range of products and differentiating them through distinct branding in order to increase the target potential.
  • Redefinition of the corporate identity, applying it to external and internal communications, increasing the value of the brand.
  • Incorporating communicative elements in terms of point of sale, rotation and dynamics.
  • Strengthening the B2B sales channel, providing support to the sales team.
  • Incorporating an online channel and social networking as a means of support to the consistency of the brand.



For this client, the following services have been performed, always focused on offering the most harmonized experience:

Commercial Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Management Outsourcing



Packaging Design

Inbound Marketing