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Beaprincess, tradition converts into sales success thanks to new technologies.

Luxury, artisanal prestige and high quality, the origins of the firm Beaprincess date back to the end of the 50s, when the creator of the brand began working in an artisanal jewelry studio in Barcelona, creating original jewelry for various jewelry stores in the city.

Today, and after more than 50 years of history, the brand continues to produce pieces through artisanal processes, selling their designs on the national and international circuit of jewelry stores. Additionally, they make their wide selection of jewelry products available to the end-user public through their Online Channel where, from the Beaprincess website, the showpieces shine and collections are oriented to the public, who know how to recognize the quality and design together in a single piece as the perfect memento.

By having their own creative design and production studio, this jewelry brand has a clear competitive advantage over other brands in the sector. This gives them the ability to generate a new sales channel via the online world, allowing the greatest capacity for customizing and taking care over the details of each piece.

Beaprincess found Lifting Group at just the right moment to initiate a new project for growth and expansion through online sales. We defined an Online Reputation Strategy for this client and focused on maximizing brand identity and recognition, to convert the brand into a jewelry company without par in the online luxury jewelry sector.

We have now been working hand-in-hand with the client for over 3 years to help them grow and achieve their business objectives, adapting them to the new market requirements and new technologies.



  • Consultancy and strategy to optimize sales strategies in the Online Channel.
  • Creation of a new Responsive Design website, 100% adapted at user experience level for online purchasing through cellular devices.
  • Generation of a notoriety and visibility for the brand with a new visual identity for Beaprincess, turning it into an unrivalled brand reference at the national level in the luxury jewelry sector.
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  • Development of a Magento ecommerce emphasizing the visual presentation of the product, the collections and the customization of product details.
  • Business growth and sustained increase in the growth figures and in turnover through the Beaprincess Online Channel.
  • Continued increase in the visibility of the brand, thanks to the Public Relations activities on different portals in the sector.
  • Increase in brand status due to the improvement of their position and indexing of specific keyword strategies.





For this client, a Strategy for Online Reputation building was initiated, developing the following services:

Digital Strategy

Marketing strategy

Inbound Marketing


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