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Lifting Group: Marketing Agency in Valencia

Lifting Group Valencia is located on Cotanda Street 2, in the heart of the Valencian capital.

In the surroundings there are renowned buildings such as the Rialto theater, itself the Town Hall and the University of Valencia, all of which contribute to making the area a place with a dynamic atmosphere, perfect for continued growth. The advantages of a comfortable, modern and bright space, along with the experience of the professionals at Lifting Group Valencia, are the ideal duo for generating an atmosphere where ideas, innovation and leadership are the protagonists at every step.

Our Lifting Group Valencia team

The Lifting Group Valencia team works daily in accordance with the other offices to work on various projects of our clients.

The Lifting Group Valencia team includes several specialists from different branches of marketing, part of the following teams:

  • La The Strategic Consultancy in Valencia implements a set of management and analysis processes aimed at increasing performance and boosting the development of our clients’ business.
  • The Marketing Outsourcing service has a specialized team with expertise in the Online Channel, with extensive experience as a Business Consultancy in Valencia.
  • Digital Services: Specialized workers to help our clients achieve clear objectives, whether it is visibility, conversion, loyalty or reputation.
  • Design: Comprised of a young, fresh team with a common passion: Creating and transmitting their clients’ values through their work.

We have offices in different cities in Spain and sales offices beyond our borders. Contact us and grow your business today, our team will be happy to help you.


Corporate Brochure

Your Marketing Consultancy in Valencia!

Office contact

Cotanda Street 2, 9th Floor, 22-23
46002 – Valencia




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