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Experts in web positioning in Google. SEO agency with the best multi-disciplinary team. We provide an honest service that is 100% focused on improving our clients' results.

We are your SEO agency specialized in organic positioning

Lifting Group is a Digital Marketing Agency specialized in SEO positioning. Many clients have trusted and rely on our experience to improve their search engine positioning and appear in the first results of search engines such as Google, Baidu, Yandex, Yahoo o Bing. We analyze your business alongside you and adjust the strategy according to the objectives you want to achieve.

In addition to ensuring optimal search engine positioning , our SEO marketing agency advises you to offer fully customized recommendations, always aimed at improving your business, according to the constant changes that occur in the fluctuating field of online marketing and Inbound Marketingstrategies. The search engine positioning service offered by Lifting Group is perfectly integrated with your comprehensive online strategy in order to work in line with the business objectives of the company.


  • Keyword SEO Study
  • On-site review and identification of the main sections of the website
  • Implementation and optimization of SEO factors OnSite
  • OffSite implementation to improve your web positioning 
  • Reporting and Strategic Update

Reasons to choose us over other SEO agencies

Extensive experience in SEO positioning

Lifting Group has extensive experience developing and implementing SEO positioning tasks

Guaranteed results

You will see improvements of results in the medium term. Experience and a unique working methodology let us know which actions will have results.


In Lifting Group we have a proven SEO methodology to carry your business to the top of the result pages of major search engines or SERP’s

We align with your strategy

We define an SEO strategy aligned with your company’s strategy, focusing on generating business and prioritizing results

Our Methodology and Experience allows you to trust Lifting Group as a SEO Agency

1. Keyword SEO Study

We sit down with you to evaluate your business and adapt the objectives through your online strategy. As a SEO positioning agency, we start with the study of keywords. The first thing we do is analyze the keyword ecosystem to understand how much and how the services and products our clients offer are sought. In this way, we extract the keywords that we will focus on. To do this, we take into account the business levelinterest, the volume of searches and the degree of use/difficulty by competitors.

3. Implementation and Optimization of SEO factors OnSite

Having the picture of which keywords are more important and which sections are a priority, we cross over the information to define which keywords will be worked on each page.

From this point, our digital SEO agency will start the optimization of all the pagesand we review all the factors that influence the SEO positioning so that they are optimized according to the assigned keywords.

5. Reporting and Strategic Updating

2. On-site review and identification of the main sections of the website

Once we have studied all the keywords to work with, we segment the website to identify which sections are more important in terms of reinforcement. In this way, we optimize efforts by searching for quick-wins and dedicating resources to what matters most. At this point, we also review all the optimization points that affect the overall website.

4. OffSite implementation to Improve Your SEO positioning

Alongside the optimización onsitewe work the Offsite SEO. On the one hand, we create links in related portals pointing to the website of our customers on a monthly basis. This is a common way to lend authority and relevance to the domain in order to improve your web positioning.

On the other hand, at Lifting Group we also offer  Digital Services such as managing your online reputation by creating a content marketing strategy, optimizing your social networks and preparing press releases and web articles in related categories that complement your website’s Onsite SEO.

To ensure compliance with the predefined objectives, at Lifting Group, we constantly monitor the results to modify the strategy if necessary in order to ensure compliance.

Through our analysis and tracking, tools, we can see the evolution in the positioning of the elaborated keywords and how this affects the organic and total web traffic This allows us to measure the effectiveness of the actions carried out and to propose new actions to continue evolving in rankings.
At Lifting Group we share all this information with our customers so they can observe the evolution and results.


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Advantages of having a SEO Strategy

As a SEO Agency and Marketing Agency we work to design a quality SEO strategy that fits our client’s needs and drives them to achieve their goals.

  • Visibility and presence: a prominent position in search engines gives you more notoriety among the public, besides connecting your brand to quality standards, relevance and renown.
  • Quality traffic: positioning your business naturally in the first search results gives you credibility among the public that has interest in your activity or sector, so the chances that they will access your site and end up making a purchase or contact considerably increase.
  • Micro and macro segmentation: The different analysis techniques, both onsite and offsite, applied by our SEO Agency, will allow you to optimize the content of your page so that the different segments of the public you are interested in can access your website.
  • High ROI: the improvements in web positioning will allow the volume of public with real interest in your website to increase, so the fulfillment of your sales or acquisition objectives will increase exponentially.
  • Sustainable investment: the constant and adaptable optimization of the SEO positioning makes it possible to guarantee the fulfillment of your objectives in a long-lasting way
  • Flexibility: as a digital SEO agency, our team adapts to your needs, budget and priorities. We carry out the necessary changes to your SEO strategy to help you improve your business according to your guidelines.
  • Measurable results: our methodology applied as a SEO Positioning Agency provides easily measurable, as well as appreciable, results. We monitor the positioning and other KPIs to adapt the strategy and continue to deliver the expected results.

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Frequently asked questions about the SEO Positioning service

How do you work in your SEO agency?

We focus on natural techniques proven by years of experience and application in hundreds with clients from diverse sectors. We study and design every strategy to measure. As for the execution and implementation of the actions, we take care of everything and can even coordinate with the client’s internal team. We periodically share performance reports and, of course, we always communicate with our clients so that they are aware of the work being done.

How long does it take to improve positions?

SEO is a discipline with a very high return on investment, but its overall results are usually seen in the medium to long term. However, with 2 to 3 months of work, the first results can already be seen. If you are interested in knowing the times of your particular case, you can contact us and we will study the situation in detail to give you an answer adapted to your case.

How much does the SEO service cost?

Each client needs a strategy and each strategy involves some actions or others. Therefore, each budget is tailor-made, taking into account the aspirations and real possibilities of the client. A small corporate website in Spanish is not the same as a multi-language e-commerce website with thousands of URL’s. Tell us your case and we can give you a personalized budget.

What is the scope of your SEO service?

We perform SEO at the local, regional, national and international level. We have native speakers from most European countries to implement effective SEO strategies in different markets. We have clients from Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal, the United States and many other countries who operate not only in their home countries but also in other markets important to them.


At the time of accepting the service proposal, we coordinate with the relevant departments to resolve the brief paperwork required (service contract and confidentiality document). From that point we give you access to the different tools and, after a meeting or conference where we explain the next steps and meet the team of professionals who will take care of the account, we get to work with the positioning of your website.




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