Marketing Outsourcing in the Digital Channel

Lifting Group offers a comprehensive service for the development of strategies and actions of Marketing Outsourcing in the Digital Channel.

Outsourcing of Online Marketing Department

The Digital Channel requires a significant deployment of both strategy and types of actions. It is normal that companies end up subcontracting different agencies to develop these actions, but often lack an encompassing vision of the Digital Channel and the knowledge to unite under the same Digital Strategic Plan and for these actions to truly create synergies between them. Lifting Group offers its Marketing Outsourcing service in the Digital Channel for companies that require a specialized marketing team with expertise in the Online Channel. We respond quickly and effectively to market dynamics, defining alongside you the strategy to improve the profitability, reach and productivity of your business. We recommend this service if you are seeking a purely digital approach that allows you to obtain the maximum performance in the Online Channel of your business since we not only implement but also help you define and lead the strategy.

  • Analytics
  • Digital Channel Strategy
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Asset Performance: Website, E-commerce, Apps, Marketplaces
  • Market Strategy: Audience Segmentation, Geographic, etc.
  • Implementation of Digital Channel: Social Media, Email Marketing, Paid Channels and Purchased Channels
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Areas of responsibility of Digital Marketing Outsourcing for Lifting Group companies

The Marketing Outsourcing service in the Digital Channel of Lifting Group is aimed at our clients increasing their performance and competitiveness through selective strategies and a unique methodology.

An Agency with a deep expertise in Digital Channel and Outsourcing services

The Digital Channel Marketing Outsourcing service of Lifting Group is structured in an innovative and differentiated form from other marketing agencies thanks to a system of monthly hours assigned and the profiles and skills needed depending on project requirements and reach. All this allows us to offer flexible outsourcing services completely adapted to the needs and requirements of our clients.

Thanks to the definition of the roadmap at the beginning of the project, the hours are adapted to the circumstances of the service at each moment and are assigned to the different teams. In this manner we have the best professionals in the most competitive and effective way.

We also have our own deliverables and performance control tools, customized with our marketing agency identity and the client’s own.

The outsourcing services of Lifting Group allow the general direction, management or department heads of our clients to devote more resources and attention to other areas of the company and outsource an important department with a defined and agreed strategy, making Lifting Group a strategic partner as well as focused on achieving results for our clients.