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Cómo podemos identificar el Buyer Persona y el Customer Journey

Conocer a tus clientes es uno de los aspectos clave para llegar a conectar con ellos, crear campañas más relevantes y alcanzar mejores resultados empresariales.

Elisabeth Sala

Brand Builder

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Omnichannel: What this is and why it’s important

Today, most companies are present on many channels, so as to offer the user an optimal buying experience. That being said, users do not feel loyalty to any one channel, and they allow themselves the luxury of moving from one channel to another smoothly, in quest of the best offers for a product or service, and of their favourite brands in any medium or platform.

Marta Buira

Digital Marketing | Team Leader

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PAID MEDIA: Basic advertising strategies in Social Media

The Social Media Plan of a company increasingly allocates more budget to social media advertising campaigns, and a clear advertising strategy will enable you to optimise your budget and your results.

Gerliany García

Team Marketing Digital

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Social Media content: Specific guide for the restaurant sector!

We're going to tell you what type of content you should publish on each social network if you're in the restaurant sector.

Pol Oñate

Team Marketing Digital

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