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Top tips for influencer marketing success in 2022

According to the latest influencer marketing statistics, 76% of brands are planning to increase their budget for influencer marketing over the next few years. This is further strengthened by the continued saturation of the channel as 80% of B2C brands are currently using or are planning to use influencer marketing as part of their strategy.

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How to have a branding consultant can help increase the value of your business

Definition of the value proposition The branding consultancy will be in charge of starting the definition of the value proposition. This is based on making a clear promise to our potential client, focused on solving a specific problem or need. This promise must be unique and must be able to respond to the approach that […]

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Remarketing | And how to reconnect with your customers

Within a digital marketing plan, the Remarketing strategy is essential, since it allows you to recover those clicks that do not solve the objective in a single visit. So as a brand, your duty is to remind your users that you are still there providing them with valuable content.

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Buyer Persona, the key piece for any Inbound Marketing strategy.

The Buyer Persona is the representation of an ideal customer model or to identify those that we may have, it must also be borne in mind that there is not always a single Buyer, but there may be more than one since each person has tastes and characteristics different.

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