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How to conduct a simple SEO audit on your website

Explore the essential steps of an SEO audit to enhance your website's organic performance. Learn how to check your current search engine position, ensure proper indexing, analyze content, optimize loading speed, prioritize mobile devices, and stay ahead of competitors.

Joan Prades

Senior Marketing Outsourcing VLC

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Optimizing Growth Potential: TikTok Advertising Strategies

Explore the effectiveness of advertising on TikTok, a rapidly growing social platform. Learn why TikTok Ads provide access to new markets, and discover key tips to maximize your campaign, from collaborating with influencers to utilizing diverse ad formats.

Elisabeth Sala

Senior Brand Manager

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New Trends in Consumer Habits and Purchasing in Spain

Over the last years, consumption trends in Spain have been influenced by various factors. Discover what they are

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El ADN de los Modelos de Negocio Digitales Exitosos: Fundamentos Imprescindibles

En la era digital, los modelos de negocio han experimentado una transformación significativa que está cambiando el panorama empresarial

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