Global Marketing Outsourcing

Expanding markets offers new opportunities to your business in the realm of global marketing. Our experience in Global Marketing Outsourcing strategies enables us to turn these opportunities into real competitive advantages. This is not only due to our knowledge of expansion in different countries, but also because we have native teams.

Global marketing solutions: reaching strategic markets

The Global Marketing Outsourcing service provides the complete scope of our solutions in the Digital and Omnichannel Channel, managed by multidisciplinary teams specialized in strategy and marketing. We lead the definition of the strategy and implementation of marketing actions from start to finish, for different channels and countries, providing significant added value, both in strategy definition and action implementation.

Our focus on global marketing allows us to respond effectively and efficiently to market dynamics and the specific needs of our clients in the following international markets.

  • Spain, France, Germany and Italy
  • Belgium, Holland, Austria and Switzerland
  • United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Other European countries like: Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Poland
  • United States, Mexico and Canada
  • LATAM: Chile, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador
  • Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore and United Arab Emirates

Areas of responsibility of Global Marketing Outsourcing for Lifting Group Companies

The focus of Lifting Group’s Global Marketing Outsourcing service is to enhance the performance and competitiveness of our clients through selective strategies and a unique methodology in the field of global marketing.

  • Define the reach of the implementation of the channels within the business strategy.
  • Define Data Auditing and the processes to obtain it
  • Define a strategy and Marketing Plan for the Digital Channel, as well as the implementation roadmap.
  • Definition of the systems and technology in each channel and their synergies.
  • Implementation and coordination of actions in each of the channels. From aligning Marketing with Commercial Strategy, dynamization of comerciales, teams, actions in the Digital Channel, Visual Merchandising, Communication, Events and Fairs, graphic and advertising production, media buying, etc.
  • Define the recurrent models of analysis and application of optimization measures.
  • Definition of the map of value transmission to the rest of the client’s business areas.
  • Implementation of the actions within the Digital Channel: Usability (UX) and Conversion (CRO, Analytics, Inbound Marketing, SEO, Social Media, SEM, Email Marketing, Paid Media & Social Paid Media, ecommerce Management, Marketplaces: Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten, Bol, etc.

Global marketing agency with expertise in international Marketing

At Lifting Group, we offer our clients the opportunity to have a team of native specialists, tailored to the needs of each market and business, with a clear focus on increasing competitiveness and ensuring future success in the realm of international marketing. Our service, led by senior experts in global marketing, integrates local and native teams from different countries to provide a close and effective experience.

Additionally, we tailor our global marketing outsourcing team to the size and activity of each business, ensuring that investment decisions and budgets are 100% oriented towards return on investment and goal achievement. We enable our clients to open new channels unfamiliar to their team, using an approach and expertise in global marketing that require specialized knowledge differing from internal resources. We are prepared to enhance your international presence.  




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