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Our UX agency has a proven and effective methodology to improve usability and provide a positive user experience that translates into increased conversions.

UX Agency – User Experience: Conversion as the core of the Digital Strategy

At Lifting Group we are experts in UX consulting services or user experience within our offering of digital services. Our extensive experience as a strategic consultant and marketing agency developing digital projects has allowed us to create a proven and effective methodology to improve the user experience eon websites and applications.

Improved usability and a pisitive user experience translates into increased conversions, which also means increased revenue for your business.

On many occasions companies fall into the error of allocating most of their digital strategy resources to actions focused on acquisition and loyalty, without taking into account that conversion is the key factor for other digital strategies to make sense.

Our methodology like UX Agency – User Interface

  • Investigate users to know their behavior, their needs, their objectives and detect the possible problems to achieve them.
  • To propose concrete actions for improvement based on the problems detected.
  • To test the real effectiveness of the proposed actions.
  • Implement the winning proposals in a prioritized manner.
  • Analyze the evolution of the implementations and propose new improvements based on the results.
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¿Qué técnicas UX utilizamos?

What UX techniques do we use?

  • Web Analytics
  • Usability tests
  • Heatmaps
  • Session recording
  • Five second test
  • Surveys (on y off line)
  • Interviews
  • Expert Heuristic Assessments
  • A/B tests
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)*
    • Increased sales and revenue
    • Increased conversion rate
    • Reduced dropout rate
    • Improved user satisfaction
    • Cost and time reduction
    • More profitable than other strategies

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Reasons to choose us over other UX & UI agencies

Expert UX Consultants

We have a team of UX experts to optimize the improvement of usability and user experience on your website

Guaranteed results

You will see improvements in the main indicators. Experience lets us know what actions will have results.

A proven methodology

We have a unique work methodology that has been tested by many clients

In line with your strategy

At Lifting Group we understand your needs and focus on working on common objectives

What are the advantages of the AMP publication format?

As a SEO Agency and Marketing Agency we work to design a quality SEO strategy hat fits our client’s needs and drives them to achieve their goals.

In a mobile first world speed is very important. The goal of the AMP is to minimize user waiting times; thus helping publications and sites create fast and enjoyable experiencesthat monetize better.

By publishing with the AMP, format, your pages will be fast and provide a user experience without interruptions. Moreover, AMP pages are distributed through multiple consumer platforms such as Bing, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. These platforms are based on AMP pages to provide greater distribution opportunities. All this translates into an improvement of your Inbound Marketing strategy thanks to our UX Agency service, managing to reach our final customer more easily.

Some of the advantages of using AMP are the following:

  • Attractive user experiences
  • Almost instantaneous loading
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Increased engagement and retention, audience growth and monetization

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