Implant Marketing Outsourcing

With over 17 years of experience as leaders in the Marketing Outsourcing sector, we have evolved to meet the changing demands of our clients. Addressing the need for a more comprehensive service, we have created an innovative solution that combines physical presence at the client’s facilities with our Marketing Outsourcing services.

This service is designed for companies seeking a highly committed marketing team, capable of quickly adapting to market dynamics. By integrating into the client’s facilities, we can collaborate closely on strategy development and performance monitoring, enabling smooth communication and agile decision-making.

Marketing Implant and its approaches

We offer two formats within our service to provide greater flexibility:

  1. Marketing Management Implant: This Implant role is qualified to lead the marketing department and, in some cases, even participate in the Executive Committee.
  2. Connecting Marketing Implant: In this format, the Implant role holds a Junior or Specialist position, leading the marketing team and department, while the Senior Marketing Outsourcing profile oversees the operations.
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The Marketing Outsourcing Implant Team:

  • Immediate incorporation of one or more resources with the appropriate training and experience (Plug & Play model).
  • The team is composed of Implant and Outsourcing profiles, working in a coordinated manner with a strategic planning methodology and action implementation.
  • Access to Lifting Group’s infrastructure, including equipment and licenses.
  • Participation in ongoing and specialized training programs through Lifting Academy.
  • The onboarding process and social responsibility are managed by Lifting Group.

Channels of action

The outreach channels are tailored to meet the client’s specific needs and circumstances, and may include:

  • Strategies for the Retail Sector and Company-Owned Points of Sale
  • Commercial Strategies and Sales Force Support
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) Distribution
  • Strategies for the Digital Channel
  • Plans for Brand Internationalization
  • Business Expansion Strategies
  • Franchise Model Implementation
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Areas of Responsibility for the Marketing Outsourcing Implant:

The goal of the Marketing Outsourcing Implant service is to improve our clients’ performance and competitiveness through effective strategies and a unique implementation methodology.

  1. Define the scope of channel implementation within the business strategy.
  2. Conduct data audits and establish dashboards to gather key insights.
  3. Develop ideal models for each channel.
  4. Identify synergy points and ensure effective integration across different channels (Retail, e-commerce, applications, social media, etc.).
  5. Optimize channels using data to increase conversions and sales.
  6. Define systems and technologies for each channel and maximize their synergies.
  7. Implement and coordinate actions in each channel, from aligning marketing with commercial strategy to energizing sales teams, digital channel actions, visual merchandising, communication, events and fairs, graphic and advertising production, media buying, among others.

A leading Marketing Agency in Marketing Outsourcing services

At Lifting Group we were pioneers with an external marketing service, launching the Marketing Outsourcing service in 2005 and since then we have offered our clients of different sectors and sizes (from a multinational, large and medium companies or projects in Start Up phase) an effective Marketing Outsourcing service for companies, oriented toward the objectives and a methodology that guarantees performance.

Our strategy team, the head of development and senior consultants of Lifting Group are responsible for identifying customer needs in order to estimate the team to be assigned, the different profiles, the reach of service and the hours of dedication required. Also define necessary profiles for services that complement the implementation of the strategy and that interact according to the reach.




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