Digital Marketing

Discover our extensive catalogue of digital services, such as digital marketing agency Lifting Group we offer specific service from a unique approach: SEO Agency, SEM, Online Reputation, Social Media Agency Or a broader reach within the vertical of the Digital Channel, with Inbound Marketing strategies, which comprises a much broader package of services covering all the needs of a company in the online or digital channel.

When Lifting Group was founded in 2007, those were the years of the development of search engines, the launching of Facebook, Twitter, etc. Our challenge was to identify and consolidate a Digital Channel service offering that would lead us to master the Channel and through which we could offer our clients not only winning strategies, but also achieve results and business.

We were established and developed with the challenge of understanding and mastering the Digital Channel. Our experience, being one of the first digital marketing agencies certified by Google in Spain and the growth of new assets of the Digital Channel as social networks, marketplaces or app capabilities. It has made us one of the most far-reaching partners a client can have. We work with specialized and certified teams, but the most important aspect: With a Unique Methodology of Our Own.

At Lifting Group, we are very aware that all this must always be aligned with the overall strategy of the company, its current and future capabilities and the involvement of its team. Therefore, at Lifting Group we have become a strategic ally for your company, offering a service always aimed at generating business for your company and taking into account the characteristics of your business model.


Our digital services are aimed at helping our clients achieve clear objectives, whether it is visibility, conversion, loyalty or reputation:




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