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We have moved! New Lifting Group office in Valencia!

The new office is located in a recently refurbished former printing plant, which also has stimulating creative spaces, leisure areas, cafeterias, meeting rooms and more. This change will allow us to enjoy facilities with better common spaces, where we can meet, relax and work in a more flexible way. This is a new phase full of new projects and challenges, which will help us to accommodate the growth and volume that the group is experiencing.

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Nutralie trusts Lifting Group and Imagine Creative Ideas for the restyling of the brand.

Our creative agency, Imagine Creative Ideas, has been in charge of implementing the restyling of the brand, developing a Corporate Brochure as a visual support to enhance the knowledge of Nutralie and to share at the same time its approach and methodology. The ideation of this Brochure, is a presentation tool, where the brand has the opportunity to show itself as it is and promote at the same time, the products of the brand in an attractive and friendly way.

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Lifting Academy. Everything you need to know about the basics of photography.

With this particular Academy, it is that all participants could finish the session with some basic knowledge about photography, what to take into account and what to do and what not to do, useful in the times we live in today.

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Santa Clara International School relies on our Consulting team for the development of its communication strategy plan 2021/22

In order to achieve these objectives, our Consulting team has focused on analyzing and defining the market in which we operate, with a special focus on identifying the potential target audience in the different areas of influence; the main competitors, the brand and its current positioning.

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