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We adapt your business to the Digital World

At Lifting Group as a Strategic Consulting and Marketing Agency we help companies to be digital and lead the change and implementation of customized solutions. The Digital Consulting service is specially designed for our clients to identify the best actions and provide knowledge at the time of deciding the strategy. All this in order to incorporate analysis models, prediction and the best performance of the online channel.

Digitalization is revolutionizing the global horizon and the way companies work. Counting on a company specialized in digital consulting is a key element, which are most companies existing in a competitive environment whatever the sector. The upward trend of these percentages is evident and the commitment of companies to move toward digitalization and better connect with customers is a reality. In fact, we are living through a revolution that has only just begun.
It is an undeniable fact that in order to successfully lead this digital transformation and achieve growth and future success, it is necessary to have new professionals in digital marketing consulting able to offer innovative answers, and digital strategies capable of solving the new challenges of companies and organizations.

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Successfully manage the Digital Transformation with a team of professionals specialized in Digital Consulting

At Lifting Group, as a consultant and digital marketing agency, we know that today it is essential to have a leading technical team, prepared to respond to this rapid digital transformation. Therefore, we work in a committed way on the digital consultancy services with our clients, to cover their technological needs and offer them innovative solutions, completely adapted to their objectives. A service specially thought out for our clients to be able to identify the best actions and to contribute knowledge to the moment of decision of the strategy. All this in order to incorporate analysis models, prediction and the best performance of the online channel.

We have managed to help companies and organizations redefine how to operate and how to integrate the connection between “customer” and “company”, encouraging a dialogue of interaction between the two. And we achieve all this guided by objectives that allow us to provide tangible results, both for “digital” and “traditional” channels with our long experience as an agency in digital consulting.

Marketing Consulting with a digital approach and Lifting Group methodology

We offer a unique methodology of digital consulting to our clients, a key fact that allows us to incorporate models of analysis, prediction and interaction between channels, markets and customers. All this focused on achieving and implementing an omnichannel model that requires two essential variables to carry it out successfully: strategic vision and technological development to integrate the different channels through which the “new customer” interacts.

Our Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Our approach to digital consulting is guided based on both the client’s and the company’s point of view. It manages to change and orient toward a much more natural and at the same time more profitable path, the path of interaction between both.

Digtal Consulting services are 100% focused on bringing the Channel’s performance vision to the business. We have managed to help companies and organizations to exponentially improve  their presence in the Digital and Online Channel by contributing with how to operate and how to integrate the connection between customer and company, promoting a dialogue of interaction between both and providing tangible results.

  • Web Analytics
  • Online Channel Performance .
  • Online Customer Experience, Digital Customer Experience .
  • Attributions of the conversion funnel in the Online Channel
  • Definition of KPIs and digital analysis panels
  • Definition of Objectives
  • Definition of roadmap implementation in the Online and Digital Channel

Why can Lifting Group help your company implement the best presence in the Digital and Online Channel?

Lifting Group focuses its digital consulting service in getting companies to improve their performance in all facets and digital reach, whether they are already in a process of digital implementation or want to start. Thus, we manage to transform the relationship between our clients and the digital world, making it much more effective.




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