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Grupo Alarcon – The art of transformation

The Art of Digital Transformation

At Lifting Group, we focus our work on achieving our clients’ business goals and translating them into measurable results and business growth.

The challenge of the service

At Lifting Group, we have been collaborating closely with Grupo Alarcon since early 2018. Over these years, the teams primarily focused on renewing and strengthening the brand’s corporate image and communication, as well as its positioning. From the outset, the company aimed to create greater visibility and a closer relationship with both its clients and its employees.

One of the most significant challenges arose during the pandemic, as the cleaning sector played a crucial role in safeguarding people’s health and safety during the crisis. Given this, both teams worked tirelessly to communicate messages of support and recognition to all their employees, conveying a positive brand image committed to everyone’s safety.

As a strategy and marketing agency, we worked with the company to revamp its corporate image, not just visually but also in how it communicated with all its employees and stakeholders. To convey this message of closeness, our teams developed a content strategy for the blog and various social media platforms, and defined email marketing campaigns for different segmented contacts, consistently highlighting Grupo Alarcon’s commitment.

The solution

The Outsourcing teams remain committed to promoting corporate culture within the company while continuing to strengthen the brand’s image among both clients and suppliers. Additionally, we played a role in organizing and managing the event celebrating the company’s 40th anniversary, reflecting our deep commitment to trust and dedication.

The work, effort, and dedication the teams have put in over the years can be seen in the company’s current state, not only in terms of its revamped corporate image but also through the effective communication between its employees and clients.

Throughout this relationship, there have been critical moments, such as during the pandemic, yet we managed to maintain a strong connection and enhance the company’s reputation as a caring and committed brand. The work is ongoing, but we are thrilled to see how a company like Grupo Alarcon has positioned itself in the digital space as a leader in its sector.

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Lifting Group provides us with a global perspective and reach. Thanks to the team, we’ve achieved a much more solidified brand image, bringing us closer to our employees and clients.


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