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CST Grupo – Mapping the Path to the Future Together

Opening New Digital Pathways for the Future

We collaborate with the CST Group team to improve brand communication, increase public awareness, and foster business growth in their sector.

The challenge of the service

CST Grupo, an international freight transportation company with 30 years of experience, began operations in 1991 with just three employees. Over the decades, it has evolved to become a benchmark in international logistics.

In the last five years, CST Grupo has made a significant impact across various areas. In terms of reach and visibility, they have reached over 860,000 users in the past year and recorded more than 699,000 organic sessions in the last six months. On the business front, they have generated over 7,000 leads and received more than 41,000 sessions through their paid advertising channel. Their visibility has also been strengthened by email marketing campaigns, resulting in over 13,000 new sessions.

Since its inception, CST Grupo has grown into a major logistics and transportation company with the capacity to operate in international markets. Innovation, driven by outsourcing services and intermodality, has been a key factor in the group’s sustained evolution and success over time.

The solution

In recent years, Lifting Group has worked intensively and in a coordinated manner with CST Grupo to implement various strategies and solutions for the group’s key areas. The redesign and the new email marketing strategy were especially effective, achieving a significant increase in sessions from this channel.

At the same time, the team focused on improving SEO rankings. The website content was optimized, and new landing pages were created to increase visibility in search engines. In addition, a consistent flow of relevant content was maintained for the blog, contributing to 70% of total traffic.

In summary, Lifting Group has had and continues to have a significant impact on CST Grupo, helping the group increase its visibility, optimize its content, and attract new qualified leads.

Accomplished Works

Years of partnership

Users reached

Sessions email marketing

Leads generated

Organic sessions 

Paid Media Sessions


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Partnering with Lifting Group has been a game-changer in improving the efficiency of how we acquire and generate new business.


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