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Marketing Outsourcing: Marketing strategy, leadership and implementation

Lead, define, and implement…being responsible for the strategic management of a company in the area of marketing is a task that requires specialization, experience, creativity, and a high level of analysis skills for defining the adjustments necessary for making a success of the objectives.

More and more companies are deciding to contract companies dedicated to performing these Marketing services, on an external basis, working together on strategic management for improving the performance of the business. In some cases it involves the complete outsourcing of the marketing area and in others some of the channels that the current team do not have the skills or specialist knowledge to lead.


If you want to know all the benefits that we can contribute to your business by having a partner specialized in leading and implementing marketing strategies, keep reading.


The specialization that is required for Marketing today for Online Channels and for Omni Channel strategies involves those responsible for the same in top brands focusing their attention on companies who can offer this type of specialized service in any external way. This process has been going on for some time now and it always involves defining what is the most relevant not only from the point of view of having clear objectives but also an effective strategy that enables us to fulfil them. A business and strategy Marketing and Consultancy agency offering their Outsourcing services helps you to define both: Objectives and Strategy but going a step further, getting involved in the implementation of the strategy, which means that during the course of fulfilling the objectives companies have a partner who is very focused on achieving the objectives and sales.

Indeed, with the objective of improving the objectives and profitability of your business, we are now going to offer you some advice so that you can choose your perfect marketing partner for your business.



  • Specialized and multidisciplinary team: It is really important that the team can contribute strategic solutions focused on increasing the performance of the business through diverse areas of business action: Strategy & Marketing, Digital Channels, Omni Channels and Multi Channel Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Communication, Expansion and Internationalization, Fidelity and Branding. To this end, the team must be multidisciplinary and be integrated by professionals with different profiles. From design professionals to web programming as well as those for communication, branding or strategic consultancy. All of them focused on a common strategy and covering all the different specialization areas.
  • Work in an integrated way: A strategic Marketing Outsourcing partner must be able to adapt and integrate to the business structure as just another department to guarantee the success of the strategic plan. Our objective is to be successful and to make the business grow in the short term and this is achieved by integrating the team as just another member of the organization.
  • Have a wide strategic scope in any channel: Provide solutions adapted to the needs of the market as well as the different channels in which the business is placed whether Retail Channels, Online and Digital Channels, B2B or B2C, Expansion and Internationalization.
  • Results-orientated work methodology: Your specialized partner in marketing must be capable of providing the best adaptation of the professional profiles and skills depending on the specific requirements of each phase of the marketing strategy. This is because that, at the end of the day, what you achieve is the best results.
  • Adaptability and Resilience: A partner of these characteristics must be able to adapt to the evolution of the business. A partner with know how since the challenges of the companies and branding are continually changing including the channels as well as the markets (different countries, competitors, legislation, etc.).


Lifting Group are leaders in the provision of Marketing Management Outsourcing Services, and we want to be the perfect partner offering an integral service for the development of Marketing Strategies and Actions for different Channels and marketing strategy areas. Our young and multidisciplinary team works with a unique methodology and has gained the confidence of our clients for more than 10 years.


The Outsourcing of Lifting Group facilitates the externalization of a part or all of the Marketing Department and develops Strategies and Actions that fulfil the set objectives.

Through Marketing Management Outsourcing we implement the global marketing strategy in different key areas: Strategy, Retail, Marketing and Sales, Digital, Expansion and Internationalization, Channel B2B, Communication and Branding.

If you want to know more about our specialized Strategic Outsourcing service please contact us.



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