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As the contracting of a Marketing Outsourcing service means to bet on a strategic Partner with the necessary expertise and knowledge.

At Lifting Group, we talk a lot about Marketing Outsourcing, but are we clear about what it is?

As a pioneer agency in Spain in this service since 2007, we can say that we have the ability to provide our clients with a specialized team, with the necessary skills and knowledge to define and implement a comprehensive and tailored strategy. We seek to strengthen and help these companies so that they can set ambitious goals and objectives, and get to where they really want to be. We manage to resize a highly qualified team to the client’s needs at that moment and help them to define a clear strategy and a methodology for the implementation of actions to achieve the objectives set.

When the client decides to trust us, we give them confidence, we provide the expertise and proactivity not only to identify but also to implement, thus making Lifting Group their strategic partner in the Marketing Outsourcing area.

Our Lifting Group teams also have the advantage of benefiting from the services and teams of its other divisions, both in terms of consulting, digital services, operations, online web development and design. Thanks to this cooperation, the team can adapt to the multidisciplinarity required for each external marketing project.

Thanks to more than 10 years of experience outsourcing Marketing and Communication teams, we have been able to define a methodology and a segmentation of our service in different modalities. This allows us to offer a specific service adapted to each situation in order to add value to our clients.

But what are the key points to take into account? Thanks to our expertise and dedication to this service, here are 5 important points:

  • Definition of the long term strategy by defining the main objectives
  • Definition of bi-annual Implementation RoadMaps with objectives and actions to achieve them.
  • Teams integrated by 4 to 6 people to provide the service to the client, which can be exclusive or shared with other clients. Each team is made up of multidisciplinary profiles, according to the scope defined within the strategy.
  • Proactivity, the Senior responsible for the team, as well as the team interacts with the client on a recurrent basis, almost daily, to maintain not only a good relationship but also a good communication.
  • Alignment of the results and actions performed, according to the strategy together with the client on a monthly basis and to ensure the achievement of the objectives.

In addition to the key points of the service itself, we wanted to detail in this article some sales of why this service represents a safe bet of a Partner with expertise, training and ability to define and implement objectives and strategy.

  • You get the service of a team of experts. By having an outsourced team, you are betting not only on a team of experts but on a team that will research, define, create and implement truly effective and tailored marketing strategies. In addition, our teams are constantly learning. We have our Lifting Academy where we offer continuous training to all our teams.
  • You get a view from outside the company. It allows you to understand new ways of seeing and interacting with your business. The presence of an external team not only brings fresh and updated ideas, but also provides a new perspective on how to approach certain actions and strategies that have never been considered before.
  • You get to work with a team that knows what they are doing. You get to work with a team that knows what they do, because that’s what they do. It allows you to have the peace of mind of knowing that this team knows the best way to achieve the expected results for your business.
  • Bring in a team as if it were your own. One of the key aspects of a Marketing Outsourcing service is to correctly size the team according to the needs and objectives of your company. We also offer the possibility of adapting the needs, skills and size of the team as they grow or if your company’s objectives change.

At Lifting Group, we offer you our knowledge and expertise so that you can not only meet your goals, but also get to where you really want to be. No limits, remember?



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