Marketing Outsourcing Implant: The flexibility of a Team that combines Internal + External

After more than 12 years of being pioneers with our Marketing Outsourcingservice, y and before the need of some of our clients and potentials of a service with a bigger reach, we have developed a new service that combines an on-site part of our team (minimum one person 2 days per week) together with the Marketing Outsourcing team.

This service is mainly oriented toward companies that require a more dedicated marketing team with physical presence in the “customer’s house” to help better connect the internal dynamics and in turn respond quickly and effectively to market dynamics, involved in defining the strategy and monitoring performance. 

With our Marketing Outsourcing Implant service we have two modes:

  • Marketing Management Implant: the profile that incorporates Implant has the skills to lead the marketing department, even in some cases participating in the Management Committee.
  • Connecting Marketing Implant: the profile that is incorporated as Implant has a Junior or Specialist position, leading the team and the Senior Marketing Outsourcing profile leading the Marketing department.

In both cases the team has:

  • Incorporation of a resource (or several) with the appropriate training and experience almost immediately ( Plug & Play model)
  • The team consists of Implant and Outsourcing profiles: and in both cases the team works in coordination with the same methodology, strategic planning and implementation of actions
  • Lifting Group Infrastructure: Team and licenses
  • Ongoing and specific training programs (Lifting Academy)
  • The incorporation process and corporate responsibility belongs to the Lifting Group

In both modalities of Marketing Outsourcing Implant,the Marketing Outsourcing Implantteam is responsible for leading the strategy and actions based on a Strategic Plan and a quarterly Implementation Roadmap. The channels of the reach will be according to the needs or circumstances of the client, and may be:

  • Retail and its own Points of Sale
  • Sales and Marketing
  • B2B Distribution
  • Digital Channel
  • Internationalization
  • Expansion 
  • Franchise Model

The Marketing Outsourcing Implantservice not only allows our customers to save resources and achieve profitability but involves higher performance for the business thanks to the outsourcing of an area of the company or part of it, involving a Consultant and Marketing Agency like Lifting Group, specialized in defining and implementing winning strategies. Marketing outsourcing is one of our specialties and where we can provide great added value.

Areas of responsibility for Marketing Outsourcing Implant

The Marketing Outsourcing Implant service of Lifting Group is aimed at our clients increasing their performance and competitiveness through effective strategies and a unique implementation methodology.

  • Define the reach of the implementation of the channels within the business strategy.
  • Define Data Audit, Project Dashboard and the processes to obtain them
  • Definition of ideal models on each channel
  • Definition of the points of synergy (Omnichannel) and anchoring between each of the channels (Retail, e-commerce, apps, Social Media, etc..)
  • Optimization of the channels from the data provided by increasing conversions/sales.
  • Definition of the systems and technology in each channel and their synergies.
  • Implementation and coordination of actions in each of the channels. From aligning Marketing with Commercial Strategy, Dynamization of comercialesteams, Digital Channel actions, Visual Merchandising, Communication, Events and Fairs, graphic and advertising production, media buying, etc.

A leading Marketing Agency in Marketing Outsourcing services

At Lifting Group we were pioneers with an external marketing service, launching the Marketing Outsourcing service in 2005 and since then we have offered our clients of different sectors and sizes (from a multinational, large and medium companies or projects in Start Up phase) an effective Marketing Outsourcing service for companies, oriented toward the objectives and a methodology that guarantees performance.

Our strategy team, the head of development and senior consultants of Lifting Group are responsible for identifying customer needs in order to estimate the team to be assigned, the different profiles, the reach of service and the hours of dedication required. Also define necessary profiles for services that complement the implementation of the strategy and that interact according to the reach.