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The winners of the Lifting Olympics enjoy their “Takeshi’s Castle” style prize

Last July, Lifting Group celebrated its 10th anniversary. To mark the occasion, different activities were held, including the Lifting Olympics. This consisted of a team competition in which the teams had to demonstrate their skills in the area of digital marketing. It turned out that team A was the winner of these sessions, and on the weekend of 21-22 October, they went to enjoy the activity they had chosen themselves: a humor amarillo (Takeshi’s castle) session at Aventuring, an adventure tourism center in Girona, and a night at a beautiful villa on the Costa Brava.

When they got to the Rio Loco camp at Aventuring, our 8 participants were divided into two teams to compete against each other for the different tests. Human skittles, sumo wrestling and pillow fights were some of the trials which our participants had to go through, and which turned out to be great fun.



In human skittles, one participant launched a giant ball hanging from a tall support against their colleagues, who were wedged into cylinders to stop them from moving: the teams went for the strike!



The sumo fiht was without doubt one of the most entertaining competitions – not only for those taking part, but for those watching also. Our participants had to dress up and sumo wrestlers and take part in a hand to hand combat with a fighter from the other team.



The pillow fight was the closest competition, and our participants fought it out to the bitter end. In twos, they climbed up onto a pole and had to hit each other with cushions, aiming to make their opponent fall off.


To round it off, our winners moved on to the Costa Brava, where a villa was awaiting them where they could rest and recover from all those blows and falls. The facilities included large rooms and a garden with a pool. A team weekend and a chance to share more than convivial moments with their colleagues!





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