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Digital Billing Communication Project | Sorea

Sorea is a company in the environment sector that manages all the processes in the complete water cycle: capture, potabilization, transport and distribution for private consumption, with absolute guarantees of safety. The model of SOREA is based on the excellence of the service provided to all customers: homes and companies, as well as the sustainable use of all the water resources available.


Sorea has requested the services of Lifting Group to carry out the Digital Billing project. An integrated process of incorporation of Digital Transformation into the customer bill, to improve and move forward towards greater efficiency, and facilitate the digitalized processes of the company.

The objective of this Digital Transformation project, by passing the Digital Billing challenge , was to ensure that as many customers as possible pass to digital billing to facilitate their procedures, queries and interaction with the company, by enhancing the mechanisms of digital communication.

The experts in Consultancy at Lifting Group developed a user circuit (customer journey) by defining different phases for the user:

  • Newsletter

The aim of the first phase of the circuit was to create an appeal and initial contact with the user, with a campaign of Email Marketing, by means of an attractive and convenient challenge for the user, with one clear message: “Welcome to the Digital Challenge”.

  • Microsite

In a second phase, a microsite was prepared, offering the users information about the digital challenge, “Hello Digital Billing”, proposing specific benefits to facilitate procedures relating to the billing. These benefits of digital billing are:

  • Saving time
  • Care for the environment
  • Facilitating and simplifying the billing process for the user
  • Be smart: the customer can manage and control their own consumption
  • Contact form

In the last phase of the user circuit, the user facilitates the information necessary to be able to opt for digital billing. Once registered, the user requests the change to digital billing format in the database.

“Make it easy for yourself with digital billing from the Virtual Office, and control all your procedures from the Digital Channel”

We at Lifting Group are very grateful that such an important client as SOREA should have trusted to our expertise and knowledge in the implementation of one of the processes of Digital Transformation, opting for Lifting Group as a Strategic Partner to gain specialist awareness of the digital channel and meet the challenge of converting the billing to an electronic format.