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BSV: Strategic Plan and Marketing Consultancy

BSV is a company specialized in offering solutions in three categories related to the world of the pool: BS Pool, BS Light and BS Electronic, respectively centered on selling salinization systems for pools, LED lighting and electronic products, and control boards and panels. The focus of all this is from domestic use right up to industrial scale. BSV also holds Green Friendly accreditation, guaranteeing a productive process and resource management more respectful of the environment.

BSV wishes to achieve greater visibility at the digital level, as well as a proper structure to allow its global values to be communicated, positioning itself in counterpoint to its main competitors. The company also aims to increase its sales territory and generate higher profits in the foreign countries where it is currently present. As a group, BSV seeks to orient itself towards innovation, quality, customer service and professionalism.


After studying and analyzing the brand, Lifting Group has presented a proposal whose principal objectives are:

-To define a Marketing Strategy in synergy with the Communication and Commercial strategies, taking into account the different markets where BSV is present.

– To prepare a Branding Strategy which defines the brand and its values through storytelling.

– To commence a process of digital transformation.

– To improve the features of the on/offline communication.

– To generate a single business out of the different channels

-To offer services in Spanish, English and French.


The project is divided into three phases: agreement and kickoff, marketing plan, and finally a marketing outsourcing service. Part of the second phase is to define the brand and its values, a strategy both of marketing and communication, as well as digital channels and transformation, and to present objectives and KPIs, among others.


bsv plan marketing


The current needs of the market are also identified, and an exhaustive study of the positioning of competitors is performed, in addition to an analysis of the values of the brand at this moment. Conveying those values is a crucial process in this project, as these will help the company to define itself even better as a brand and reach the final customer more directly.

We will keep you up to date with the development of the project, which we are approaching with great enthusiasm, and with gratitude for the confidence shown in us.



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