Outsourced marketing services

Your external marketing department that works as if it were your own team

When it comes to marketing outsourcing or external marketing, Lifting Group takes the lead as a renowned agency in Spain since 2007, boasting more than 15 years of industry expertise. Marketing outsourcing has evolved into a pivotal management approach for countless businesses, attributed to its undeniable advantages and the value it brings. Entrusting your marketing department to outsourcing allows your company to channel its focus into core competencies while tapping into superior online marketing services.

Our specialized marketing outsourcing agency is meticulously designed to equip companies and organizations with heightened agility, advanced digital solutions, amplified visibility, and competitive digital marketing prices. The results are far-reaching for businesses, encompassing a wider market scope and the transformative potential to convert conventional fixed costs of structural and personnel management into adaptable expenditures based on contracted service hours. In this transformative era, business paradigms are shifting towards enhanced flexibility and customer-centric models, a trend mirrored in the escalating demand for solutions like our dynamic outsourced marketing team that seamlessly adapts to the evolving needs of enterprises.


What can we do with our outsourced marketing team?

At Lifting Group, we are a 360 online marketing agency, and we have the advantage of benefiting from the services and teams of other divisions within the company, including consulting, digital marketing, communication, web development, and design. Thanks to this collaboration, our team can adapt to the multidisciplinary needs of each project and offer clients a fully comprehensive service with experts in each area of service and/or modality, such as digital marketing outsourcing.

Through outsourcing a part or area of the company, we enable our clients to have an interdisciplinary team with experience in various digital channels and the passion and commitment to grow businesses. With the implementation of our marketing outsourcing services, companies have gained the ability to adapt to the new realities and trends in today’s market, as well as meet the demands of their current and potential clients while staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.

Discover the benefits of our outsourced marketing agency

We are marketing experts, your travel companions to enhance the performance of your company and business.

At Lifting Group, we focus our work on achieving our client’s business objectives and translating them into measurable results and business growth. Some of the features of our marketing services and service marketing characteristics we offer include:


The key points...


Definition of short, medium, and long-term strategy identifying the main objectives.


Definition of strategic RoadMaps for implementation on a semi-annual basis.


Multidisciplinary teams of 4 to 6 people to provide service to clients.


Proactivity, the entire team interacts regularly with the client.


Monthly reporting, alignment of results and actions according to the strategy.

Additionally, as part of the functions of a marketing agency and digital marketing agency, we take care of staying updated on the latest trends and technologies in the industry, thus ensuring a quality service and optimal results for our clients.


Marketing Outsourcing for businesses | Our Modalities

Marketing Outsourcing
Marketing Outsourcing
Marketing Outsourcing
Marketing Outsourcing
Minimum Service 30h/month 40h/month 60h/month 100h/month
Commitment 3 months 3 months 6 months 6 months
Strategic Definition Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly
Strategic Roadmap X X X X
Sales X X X
Digital Channel X X X
Expansion X X X
International X X X X
Multidisciplinary Team X X X
Native Team X

Successful cases of clients who rely on our Marketing Outsourcing department

CST Grupo – Mapping the Path to the Future Together

The Outsourcing teams remain committed to promoting corporate culture within the company, while also continuing to strengthen the brand image with both their clients and suppliers.

The Outsourcing teams remain committed to promoting corporate culture within the company while continuing to strengthen the brand image with both clients and suppliers.
Grupo Alarcon – The art of transformation

The Outsourcing teams remain committed to promoting corporate culture within the company while continuing to strengthen the brand image with both clients and suppliers.

Indo Optical – Expanding the Vision of the Future Together

The teams worked with the objective of enhancing their digital communication presence and being able to digitally reach their clients.


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