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The multi-energy brand Ocuo, trusts in Lifting Group for its launching

Ocuo is a multi-energy brand that helps people make better consumption decisions. The company is focused on the supply and distribution of diesel, electricity and gas to its end consumers. Previously known as Premmia, it has evolved into an energy company based on a new paradigm.

They offer the convenience of choosing the plan that best suits the needs and circumstances of each of its customers. In addition, the company accompanies the customer at all times, from the decision to become Ocuo.

They work to become the best option to satisfy the needs of their clients as a multi-energy company with maximum security, quality and service. As a company, their commitment is to adapt to the needs of their consumers.

The company, which has almost 30 years of experience offering energy, today has almost 5,000 customers.

Marketing Outsourcing.

Thus, the multi-energy company Ocuo has entrusted Lifting Group as its Marketing Outsourcing Partner. The team in charge of leading this project is working to carry out the internal communication of the brand launch. After defining a first launch RoadMap where both the Digital Channel and Internal Communication have weight, strategic and tactical actions are already being implemented. Thanks to our highly qualified and skilled Marketing Outsourcing team, we have been able to adapt to our client and help Ocuo to define a clear strategy and a methodology for the implementation of actions to achieve the objectives set.

It will be relevant the presence in the Social Channel as one of the channels not only where we can communicate with the potential buyer persona, but also where we can do didactics of the energy options and the convenience according to each case. The goal is also to make Ocuo a multi-energy brand, for everyone and not only focused on the urban environment as usual in the sector, but also in rural areas and small towns. Ocuo wants to be the multienergetic of all and therefore it is vital to be close to its customers.

As we have been saying, we are in an initial phase of defining the different strategies proposed, but we can already see how the project is beginning to take shape and in a short time we will be able to see the expected results.

At Lifting Group we are very happy to be part of Ocuo’s growth and expansion. We love to accompany our clients during these processes.



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