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The 7 best SEO extensions for Chrome

SEO extensions for Google Chrome have become an essential tool for any SEO positioning job, be it audit, analysis or review. If you are looking for a list of SEO extensions for Chrome, at Lifting Group we have selected the ones that we use on a daily basis and that will help you take your positioning in Google to a higher level.

All these extensions for Chrome are free, some of them you have to have a plan to access more information or features, but you can download them free of charge and begin to familiarize yourself with them and discover their potential.


The most complete SEO extensions for Chrome

We have ordered the SEO extensions for Chrome according to their purpose. We will start with the most complete extensions in terms of functionality with which you can perform different tasks with a single extension.


Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Probably the extension most used by SEO specialists and the one that can help you the most in your daily work is Ahrefs SEO Toolbar. Developed by the SEO tool Ahrefs, this extension allows you to analyze with a simple click an infinity of essential elements for SEO positioning, such as metadata, content extension, links, titles or the alternative text of images quickly. And simple.


ahrefs seo toolbar


Not only is it capable of analyzing a page in just a few seconds, but it also has very useful features for the Google search engine. When performing a search, it tells you the authority of the domain (DR), the incoming links (BL), the estimated traffic (ST) and the number of keywords for which it is positioned (KW), both for the specific URL and of the domain. In this way you can know the level of optimization of your competition when doing a benchmarking analysis.

extension seo ahrefs


The great alternative to the Ahrefs extension is SEOquake. What we highlight and like the most about this tool is that it presents the information related to SEO On Page in a visual way, as a checklist, so it is really intuitive and easy to understand which elements are good and where there is more margin. of improvement.


seoquake chrome

Just like the Ahrefs extension, SEOquake also shows us information extracted from SemRush related to links, rankings and keyword difficulty, among others.

seoquake extension

Extensiones Chrome para keywords

If you are looking for an extension more specialized in keywords to carry out keyword research, these tools are essential when defining our strategy and choosing the keywords for which we are going to position ourselves or knowing what keywords the competition is positioning for.


Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is our favorite extension to get more information about keywords. Available for both Google Chrome and Firefox, this extension is a classic in any SEO positioning job thanks to the large amount of information it provides us and its ease of use.

With information since 2004, this tool allows you to know the trends of the keyword that you have entered in the Google search engine as well as the search volume with a simple glance at the graph. We have chosen the keyword “digital marketing agency” to illustrate this usability.


keywords everywhere

In addition, it also offers us very interesting complementary information about the keyword that we have searched for, such as related searches and longtail keyword ideas that we can use to optimize the content of our blog.


keywords everywhere google chrome

Keyword Surfer

As an alternative to Keywords Everywhere, Keyword Surfer is also a Chrome extension that will make it easy for you to research keywords and related keywords. Its operation is very similar, the main difference that we find is that this tool also includes the estimated traffic, the number of keywords and how many times the keyword appears in Google results.

keyword surfer


Technical SEO Extensions

The technical section is just as or more important than having an optimized text or many links pointing to your website. Google gives more and more importance to the loading time when it comes to positioning the results of its search engine. So that you can identify the points of improvement at a technical level of your website more quickly, we recommend the following extensions.



Lighthouse is an open source tool developed by Google itself that performs a technical audit of the web in a few seconds, giving a score from 0 to 100, with 100 being the best value, for different aspects of the web: loading speed, interaction time with the content, visibility of the elements, size of the images and a long list of indicators that will help you to know what is hindering the performance of your web page.


lighthouse chrome extension


Web Vitals

Another way to measure the technical performance of a website is through the Web Core Vitals, a series of metrics released by Google that it used to rate the loading time of a website as well as the user experience. To do this, the Google Chrome extension Web Vitals shows us the note of each section of our website or the website that we want to investigate.


web vitals chrome extension


Tag Assistant Legacy

It is not a 100% SEO Chrome extension, but it is essential for any digital project. Tag Assistant Legacy, also developed by Google, tells us what tracking codes are installed on our website and if they work. Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Google Ads conversion tracking… you can quickly check if they are active and tracking correctly.


tag assitant chrome extension


We have included it in this list of SEO extensions for Chrome because an SEO or digital marketing project must have good information tracking in order to have accurate data and be able to analyze real results. It will also help us measure the profitability of the organic channel since the conversions that come from Google searches will be registered.



These 7 SEO extensions for Google Chrome are the ones we use to make our day-to-day tasks easier as an SEO agency with more than 15 years of experience. We hope that this list has been helpful when adding new tools to your SEO positioning projects.

If you are working on the positioning of your website and you do not see results or you think you need the support of a team of professionals, contact us and we will help you climb positions in the Google search engine.



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