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How do you sell more on Amazon?

Become the King of Amazon in 5 Easy Steps

If you are one of those who sell tangible products and still do not have a seller account on Amazon, we recommend that you consider using this platform. Amazon has now become a sales channel where you can find a wide variety of products, from electronics, clothing and health products to even supermarket products. Therefore, you can also become a salesperson within this platform that already has 300 million customers worldwide.

Amazon is the number one marketplace in Spain and also the world where you can sell all kinds of products, regardless of whether you already have an online store.

At Lifting Group, we offer you simple tips and tricks that will teach you how to sell more on Amazon and give a strong boost to your sales.

1. Optimize product listing in Amazon

In Amazon one of the most important parts to be successful is the optimization of your product listing, developing your product listing following the SEO tips that Amazon offers you will allow you to get more visibility and increase sales.



Write a very accurate title

The title is the first element of your listing and one of the most important. For the title, you must create a single sentence that includes essential elements like the brand, the type of product, its material or most important ingredient in order to give as much information as possible to Amazon users.

Other factors that help to provide more information to the user are the color, size or number of units that your product includes.

On the other hand, it is essential to include a keyword integrated in the title that defines your product (e.g. tool, phone, glasses, etc.).


Add quality images

Including images of the product helps your potential customer to get to know it quickly and to differentiate it from your competition. It is one of the elements most considered by your prospective customer in their purchase decision. Also, it is essential to include quality images to provide greater confidence to the customer at the time of purchase.

We recommend that you include images that have an optimal resolution (size greater than 1000 × 1000 pixels), so the zoom function will be activated and the product will be seen in more detail.



Highlight the main features of your product

You can highlight up to 5 main features of your products that appear as “bullet points” in the listing. The bullet points are very important as they are close to the title of the product and above the product description. They are even more important than the description.

Therefore, you must take advantage of this space to give importance to the main advantages of your product in order to convince your target customer.


Cómo vender más en Amazon


In the description you have more space to include more detailed information about the product in question. Using HTML code you can highlight in bold the keywords and important words that you want to detail. The description also serves to answer all the doubts that a person interested in the product may have.

Include the most appropiate search terms

The search terms used by Amazon serve to make your product appear when a user searches them through the Amazon search engine. You can define your own search terms for each product in the same way that you do with meta keywords on a website.

They are very important for greater visibility to your target customer. This will maximize your sales opportunities.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when working with search terms on Amazon:

  • You have 5 fields that accept 50 characters each.
  • Do not use a single word for each field. Take advantage of the space available.
  • It is not necessary to repeat a single word, better to use synonyms.
  • Commas and quotation marks will not be taken into account.
  • It is not necessary to make variations of the same word (e.g. plurals)
  • It is not necessary to include common typing errors.
  • Include synonyms of the same word. (E.g. seat and chair)
  • Add your competitors’ names to position you in their search results.

Here is an example of what the search terms would be for a micro SD card with SD adapter


Search term 1 memory card micro sd micro sd storage
Search term 2 ultra fast 16 32 64 128 gigabyte gb
Search term 3 sandisk ultra extreme samsung evo kingston lexar
Search term 4 transcend UHS camara reflex go pro adapter
Search term 5     SDHC SDXC class 10 sony verbatim


Use keywords that can active your product in as many possible terms as users could use to look for it.

Do not forget to put the name of your brand

Some of the searches may come from the name of your brand. It is very important that you include this field as there will be a large number of users who come to you because they are looking for the brand or users that will enter into the brand to know what other products it offers.


2. Use Amazon’s logistics management to deliver your orders and sell more

Once you have uploaded your products to your seller account on Amazon, you can choose to ship your products on your own or to use Amazon’s logistics management.

In this case, Amazon will take care of delivering your orders automatically, using the stock that you have previously provided.

We recommend using Amazon logistics ( Fullfilment by Amazon (FBA)”) to boost your sales in this marketplace for the following reasons.



Benefit from deliveries for Premium Users

First, all customers who have an Amazon Premium account can enjoy free delivery of products managed by Amazon the next day or even on the same day in major cities. A quality service that makes a difference on Amazon and that will help you sell more.


Make the most of the virtuous circle of fullfilment by Amazon

In addition, similar to Google, Amazon has its own algorithm to select the products that it considers most relevant to each user. And that algorithm gives more importance and more visibility to products managed by Amazon as these products generate more sales for them. These products stand out both in their product listing and in the search results with the blue label “Premium” which will help improve your “SEO on amazon”.




Selling on Amazon with FBA will generate a greater number of clicks and will also increase the sales of your products. All this will allow you to forge ahead in the search results of the platform and thus generate more and more sales. This is how you can define the virtuous circle of logistics management on Amazon.

Despite including an additional commission for storing your products in Amazon centers and for their delivery, Amazon logistics will represent significant time savings. You will not have to be watching out for the monitoring of your incoming orders or the logistical management of them.








3. Increase your sales in Amazon thanks to sponsored products

Amazon has its own advert tool that allows marketers to promote their products within the search engines. It is a tool that works similarly to how Google Adwords does with adverts and a bidding system but with more basic options. So you will not need much time to master it if you are already accustomed to posting ads on Google.

Similar to the results shown by Google, sellers using the “Amazon Sponsored Products” have a label at the top that sets them apart from the rest. “Sponsored” will appear on the label.

Vender más en Amazon con productos personalizados




How are Amazon sponsored products configured?

The operation and configuration of adverts on Amazon is very similar to Adwords. You’ll need to create a campaign with different advert groups and define a daily budget. However, there are some differences regarding the performance of Adwords:

  • On Amazon, the product itself is also the advertisement. You cannot write separate texts, so it is important to have a very explicit title, as we mentioned earlier.
  • There is the automatic targeting option that directs the ads to a specific audience based on their searches and the information contained in the description of your product. However, we recommend choosing the keywords (also the negative keywords) that you think your customers are going to look for to find your products. With this you will get a better targeting of your potential customers while reducing the chances that people with little interest will end up at your product.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) is lower on Amazon than on Adwords because of the lower number of advertisers and searches the platform has. On the next page (which you can only check once logged in to your account), Amazon indicates the average CPC for each of your categories so your advert receives hits.

On the platform, Amazon gives you data for key metrics such as clicks, hits, the CTR, and conversions your adverts have had. Unlike Adwords, sales made through ads are reflected 48 hours later within the Adverts reports.


4. Get positive reviews of your products

Amazon reviews are a source of information that Amazon uses so that its users have the best possible experience and so they can share their opinions. They are very important when deciding to buy a product or when two products compete between one another. Having many positive reviews is one of the main keys to success on Amazon, so it’s an aspect that you should keep in mind if you want to make the difference.


Vender más en Amazon con las valoraciones positivas de usuarios


Amazon ratings range from 1 to 5 and are reflected with stars next to the products. As a user, with a minimum purchase of any one product on Amazon you can make reviews of what you want. Amazon displays the label “Verified Purchase” to indicate those products that have been reviewed.


Compra verificada en Amazon para vender más


On Amazon, the evaluations of the products are more important than those of the sellers, since it is the products that appear in the search results and in the product listings. In contrast, on other platforms like Ebay greater importance is given to the reviews of the seller.



Get reviews from your new costumers

The first step is to develop a good relationship with your new customers by contacting them. They need to know that someone is available for them apart from Amazon. As a salesperson, you need to pay attention to your customers and be alert to their questions and their needs. In this way, you will increase your chances of getting a positive review from them. In addition, being attentive and aware of your customers is an essential step to increasing your customer base as, if you offer them pleasant treatment and a positive experience, it is very likely that they will become loyal and become repeat customers.

Get reviews from your repeat costumers

When it comes to repeat customers, you already know that they are customers who like your products and/or customer service. Therefore, with these clients the opportunity to receive positive reviews is increased.

[/one_half] [one_half_last]

After the second purchase, you can contact them again in order to ask them to leave a review of your product. It is much better to ask after the second purchase and not the first, as this will minimize the risk of receiving negative evaluations if your customer has not been satisfied by your product or service. Be sure to send them the direct link to the page that will allow them to leave a review about the product they just bought.

As a matter of fact, it is important that you keep in mind that offering discounts or products in exchange for a review violates Amazon’s policy.

Good reviews of both your products and your skills as a salesperson will be visible to customers and will be the best reward for the optimization work you have done.




Beware of the “Amazon downvoting trolls”

The more you increase your sales, the more your competitors will be aware of you, exposing you to your worst enemy, the Downvoting Trolls. They are customers who buy your product solely in order to leave a negative review. They pose a very serious threat to your Amazon store and the impact can be very negative on your product listing in the eyes of a potential customer.

There are two ways to recognize Downvoting Trolls on Amazon. First of all, most of those spammers have evaluated few products or even just one: yours. Which is quite suspicious.

Secondly, if there are evaluations left by the same user on products of the same category, you can be almost certain that it is a competitor of yours. If these comments were also made within a very short period of time, adjust to the idea that this customer is not real.

Combating Downvoting Trolls can be quite complicated as there are users who are hired solely and exclusively to perform this task. In addition, it is difficult to detect the difference between negative reviews made by downvoting trolls and negative ones written by real users that will appear naturally in your products.

So, your best weapon against users with fake profiles and suspicious reviews is a frequent monitoring of your evaluations so you can warn Amazon when you think a review looks suspicious. Amazon will verify and remove it if it detects that it is false.


5. Get to be the best on Amazon

Now that you’ve mastered Amazon and know its platform in greater depth, the next step will be to get the distinction of the best-selling product. Amazon rewards the best products in each category with the “Best Selling” label on top of the product. And when faced with your potential customers, it is the best way to stand out within the results they have searched.


Consigue más ventas en Amazon


You can check the ranking of your products in the “Additional information” section of the product description. You will see in which position it is placed within the different categories that it is registered in.


Producto más vendido en Amazon


You should know that with your Amazon Spain account you can sell your products on Amazon France, Amazon Italy, Amazon Germany, and Amazon UK. To sell in the United States, Canada and Mexico, you will need to have an account at Amazon.com.

At Lifting Group we are convinced that following our advice you will give the boost that your sales on Amazon need.




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