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Amazon 3: How to sell more on Amazon?

Tips to improve your positioning and sales on Amazon

Different options available to sell on Amazon. In our previous articles, we have commented on and how to start operating. Once this information has been compiled, we will give you some advice on how to position yourself and increase your sales.

In short, we will show you how to perform a good SEO and to achieve those long-awaited goals!

You are probably wondering why it’s so important to position yourself well and how to achieve this challenge. First of all… let’s have a refresh! As we detailed in the first post, Amazon is the main Marketplace worldwide and leader in online sales in Spain with sales of almost 7.56 billion euros in 2019. Selling on Amazon implies great advantages for sellers, but also a series of rules and conditions to be met, as well as an ecosystem of competition, demand and prices, which can create conditions for your presence and success in this distribution channel. Hence the importance of brands and vendors to create a good product positioning strategy, due to the huge directory of products and services available on this platform.

Before we get to the point, we’ll leave you with some ratings to take into account:

  • Publishing products in the right categories and with the right information is essential for your customers to be satisfied and to obtain more solid results.
  • All listings must comply with the standards described in the corresponding product category publication guide. For more information on this subject, please consult the publication guides. guías de publicación. 
  • Amazon customers expect products to be properly packaged and above all, to arrive on time!
  • The product detail pages do not belong to a single vendor. The title, image and information must be specific to the generic product and not to your individual product or to one being promoted.
  • Establish shipping rates, sales prices and promotions at Seller Central (without including them in the product details).

Factors to consider:

Optimize your keywords

Keywords, refer to the words used by a user when making a query in a search engine, hoping to receive related content. So if your product can be named in several ways and have different terms, it will be important to carry out a good keyword search, so that the title and content of your product file is optimized for that keyword.

If you know what users are looking for, what words they are searching for and how many times they are looking for it, you can make the content match what they are searching for.

In this case, the keywords will be essential, both for the seller, because he/she will have to choose the most suitable keywords so that his/her product is positioned in the best positions in e-commerce, and for the buyer, who will be able to access a product catalogue based on the search performed.

One of the most prominent tools is the Amazon Keyword Tool. Just choose the country, language and enter the main Keyword and the tool will show you the Amazon keywords in the same order they were extracted. Generally, Amazon will place the most relevant keywords above the less popular ones.

Easy, isn’t it?

Keyword Tool

Never underestimate a good title!

We know it seems pretty obvious, but the product title, along with the thumbnail image, will be one of the most important elements in positioning your product. So it will be essential to use keywords as early as possible in your product titles, to give priority over Amazon. 

Create good titles and optimize them for Amazon’s internal SEO.

Just like Google, Amazon also gives a lot of importance to the title you assign to your product, so you’ll have to optimize it according to their own guidelines. 

So for Amazon, a good title must include:

  • The brand and the product line
  • Distinct features of your product
  • The material it is made of, if any.
  • The type of product
  • The colour
  • The size
  • Number of units included in the package

However, the title is not infinite in length. In fact, the number of characters depending on the device where the search is made.

Here are some guidelines, depending on where it appears::

  • On the computer: Approximately between 230 and 250 characters.
  • On a mobile phone: Between 65 and 80 characters.
  • Related articles: Between 65 and 80 characters.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words

Images are also one of the important factors to take into account, because a good image can increase your sales. Amazon also has its own rules and not all images are allowed. You must make sure that the images you upload are of good quality. 

The attributes

Optimizing the attributes will also be a very important task you should not forget, since it will surely be the second thing users will read right after the title. Try to achieve a good balance between keywords and sales arguments.

This will be the ideal moment to make a difference and place the most relevant information. You must be direct, clear, and not use words just to fill space! 

We leave you with a pattern or sequence, which Amazon recommends for optimizing titles:

  • Brand – product line – main material or functionality – product type – colour – size/size – quantity.

Product Description

Now is the time to describe the product with as much information as possible, so that those customers who want to know the attributes of your product can do so without problems. We must include the main keywords and their derivatives. 

There are some vendors who argue that this field is not as relevant, since users look at other aspects of the product, but an optimized description can earn you points, since it provides the opportunity to invest about two thousand characters in capturing the attention of your potential customers. 

Amazon Meta Keywords

These are the words that, though they do not appear in the information received by the user, will be evaluated by the Amazon search engine, which will take them into account when it comes to SEO positioning 

There are 5 different lines in which you can write up to 1,000 characters in each one and with all the keywords you want. We recommend that you include long tail keywords, synonyms, and product characteristics. 


Other Factors to take into account

Throughout this article we have mentioned some of the most relevant factors for good positioning on Amazon, yet there are other variables that can have equal influence. Like, for example: 

  • Average score (Reviews) (Reviews): a good score on your products can significantly improve your positioning. 
  • Number of comments: Amazon tends to place a high value on the number of comments on products, so make sure you get as many comments as possible.
  • Number of sales: If your product starts selling well and is popular with users, Amazon will take note of it by positioning it as the first products. 

Increase CTR: click through rate.

CTR is already one of the main factors influencing our SEO positioning, hence the importance of mentioning them in this article.

If you look at the URLs of Amazon products you will see that the same product can have several URLs and depending on whether you click on a product from the search listing, some parameters that were not in the original product URL will be added.

For example, if you search for “iphone x sleeves” and click on the last result of the first page, the generated URL is different from the original.

With this example, you can see how Amazon’s system automatically determines that whoever reaches the second URL is a person who has searched and clicked on that result from Amazon.

This is known as CTR (click through rate) and is one of the parameters Amazon uses when positioning an article higher in the search list. 


Customer feedback is vital to Amazon. In fact, the opinions of the buyers are one of the most worked aspects of the platform. It is proven that a product with good ratings increases buyer confidence. To be more specific, products with a positive rating can increase sales by up to 30% and sell twice as much as those with no rating or a negative rating.

On Amazon there can be two types of ratings:

  • The ones the seller gets.
  • Those received by the product itself. 

In addition, Amazon’s algorithm always recommends the products with the most reviews to the top of the categories and search results. 

Request reviews from buyers through Amazon

Did you know that through your Amazon Seller Central account you can ask for reviews from users who have already bought from you?

The steps are very simple. In your order section, there is a sub-section of order management where you can see all the orders you have received. 


Clicking on the buyer’s name will open a dialog box that will allow you to send a message to the buyer, requesting a review of your product. It should be a short and formal text, thanking the user for their purchase and kindly asking them to make an honest rating of your product. 

If the sales are still not as expected, we recommend some options that could help you. 

  • You could make a very aggressive offer by discounting the products you want to get reviews for. This can help your product reach more people, who you can then ask to write honest reviews, always following the practices mentioned above. 
  • You can also choose to carry out PPC or Pay per Click campaigns, as Amazon also offers this opportunity. It is also known as one of the best alternatives to increase the sales of published products. The tool allows you to position your products on the first page of the company’s search, to attract traffic and gain more sales. You must consider that these are sponsored products, where the product file with its description and price is promoted.

As you have seen, Amazon is a world of its own where you must learn to play by its rules and peculiarities, and you have to be prudent and cautious when positioning yourself.

We hope that the advice we have been offering will help you to achieve the best positions when selling your product. 

Tell us about your experience selling on Amazon.



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