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The Lifting Olympics 2017 start up

One of the new items and events organized to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Lifting Group, will be the first Lifting Olympics, a competition that sets out to promote team work and strengthen relations between workers. At Lifting Group we work every day to create a positive working environment and boost team spirit and the flow of ideas between work teams through a range of activities.

The first of these events commences on 15 May 2017 and lasts until 30 June, and the teams will compete in the SEO mode with a set of concepts and sites to be positioned. The first challenge consists of forming teams made up of experts in SEO and experts in other Lifting Group service verticals, whereby the SEO experts in each team will not only have to propose the best strategy and implementation measures but also find a way to get the rest of the team to contribute towards achieving them.

The winning team will be the one to get the most points scored from different aspects such as visibility, leads achieved and contributions to the overall strategy. What’s more, the prize is a juicy one since the winners will receive a check for an activity to be freely selected by all the group members.

Over the last 10 years we have worked with a great team and here at Lifting Group we want to continue with our commitment to team work, motivation, enthusiasm, team spirit and to encouraging a good working environment.



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