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How does Lifting Group boost Bartalent Lab with a Social Media strategy?

2018 has been a great year for Bartalent Lab, whose digital strategy is being shaped for success by Lifting Group. Amongst the latest developments of its online presence is the support we’ve given to the start up of its profiles in all the essential social networks for the hospitality sector.

The aim of this strategy  for Bartalent Lab is to comply with two main objectives.: publicising the portal, and bringing it closer to the target audience,, baristas and professionals of the hospitality, restaurant and catering sector.

The experts of Lifting Group in Social Media marked out a content strategy. The team is currently working one managing and defining the contents it considers suitable for social networks.

concurso bartalent lab redes soaciales lifting group estrategia

The Lifting Group team decided to differentiate and adapt the type of content to be advertised in each social media platform to reach different targets:

  • Due to the fact that Instagram is a visual network, images relating to subjects in the hospitality, restaurant and catering sector, were shared, along with tips for professionals.
  • Facebook was established as a platform to disseminate content on the Academy section of the online platform.
  • Youtube is a space for expert’s videos on different disciplines, which are always focused on catering and videos in short format of all the finalists of the competition.

With this strategy, the team of experts of Lifting Group managed to open this initiative to more channels, giving it more visibility and on the other hand it increased interaction and user’s level of engagement to achieve greater levels of closeness with them.

Although the Social Media strategy is not applied 100% and the work on these platforms is very recent, results are already starting to be seen, which we hope will consolidate in the coming months.

The Lifting Group is totally committed and aligned with the objectives of this project for Bartalent Lab.



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