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ACL Direct Promo, new Marketing Outsourcing partner for Lifting Group Barcelona

ACL Direct Promo is a leading company in the creation, development and implementation of relationship marketing. Its art is focused on getting to know its clients well in order to generate incentive and loyalty relationships. They have more than 25 years of experience and knowledge acquired through the development of more than 3,000 relationship marketing actions for companies, institutions and the most important brands in the country.

Its differentiating factor is the commitment in the implementation of the action plan, execution and management of those personalized actions that best achieve the objectives of its clients in terms of incentive and loyalty. 

The company also has its own platform, called ACL Intelligente, with more than 10 years at the forefront and constantly updated, which allows them to develop technological solutions and incentive programs to increase sales and motivation of its clients’ collaborators.

Its values are focused on:

  • Satisfaction: ensuring the satisfaction of its stakeholders.
  • Innovation: providing quality and new ideas for its customers.
  • Transparency: facing new challenges and building trust at all levels.
  • Discipline: complying with established commitments.

The company also offers loyalty and incentive solutions in two categories: B2B and B2C. B2B are campaigns oriented to intermediaries and commercial channels and B2C are campaigns oriented to the final consumer.

ACL Direct Promo has decided to trust Lifting Group as its agency and Marketing Outsourcing Partner. Our team in charge of leading the project plans to develop a totally appropriate strategy for ACL, taking into account its characteristics and needs.

To carry out this service, our Marketing Outsourcing team will develop a strategy focused on the growth and increase of brand awareness and its assets in the Digital Channel, as well as the implementation of a loyalty strategy and personalized service for ACL’s current customers. With these actions, the team intends to propose a visible and credible brand strategy to generate this diffusion.

The strategy agreed and ready to start this May, will combine both the implementation of Email Marketing and Social Media strategies as well as strategies to carry out commercial actions. The team will also take the opportunity to carry out a web audit to define and improve the contents, as well as the implementation of a new functionality on the website.

In order to meet the needs of visual communication, the team will have at its disposal the Design Outsourcing service.

We are delighted to have a company like ACL in our client portfolio and to be able to build this exciting path together.



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