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What are the web development trends that are making waves?

If we talk about technology, we know that everything changes very fast and that these changes are linked to new opportunities. And what does all this mean?

Being informed and updated of everything that is happening as well as the constant search and implementation of new creative ways to adapt to this new era. 

Digital transformation continues to this day, defining trends and seducing us with new technologies that will attract developers and programmers from all over the world,

According to a study by Gartner, an IT research and consulting firm, this year’s technology trends are divided into three main blocks: 

  • People-centricity: although after the pandemic there have been many changes in the structure of work teams and in the way they interact, people are still the focus of the business and now more than ever, they need an organized digital environment. 
  • Location independence: we all know that during the Covid crisis companies had to reorganize, teleworking became a must to survive the new circumstances. For this reason it was necessary to modify the technology to be able to support this new business trend. 
  • Resilience: with or without what we have had to live this year 2020, volatility and uncertainty are part of our daily lives. So, those companies that are really prepared and ready to move forward are the ones that will resist all kinds of disruptions. 

And what are the possible web development trends that will dominate the web industry?

Here are some of them:

Mobile First Development

As its title says, “mobile first”, perfectly summarizing this development philosophy. Basically it refers to a way of designing taking into account in the first instance, a mobile device.

In addition, this Mobile version helps in several points such as: content prioritization, website optimization, as well as defining what is essential for user navigation. By designing with mobile in mind, what it will allow is to offer just the content of value that the user expects to find, thus eliminating irrelevant information. This has an impact on the user’s experience. Using this concept to create a website is not only a matter of thinking about the future, but also of being attentive to the present.

In fact, at Lifting Group, our design team has already started to implement Mobile First design in all web projects in order to offer the user a much more functional, easy and accessible experience.

Thanks to our expertise in UX or user experience consulting, we know that an improvement in usability and user experience translates into an increase in conversions, as well as greater satisfaction. In a Mobile First world, speed is very important. The goal of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), is to minimize user waiting times, thus helping to create fast and pleasant experiences.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are not a new phenomenon, however, the technology is still one of the main focuses of attention due to its potential to offer a quality user experience.

And what is meant by PWA?

Web-based applications that make use of the latest technologies available in browsers to offer the most complete user experience possible. Capable of consuming fewer resources and even able to work without the need for an Internet connection.

This growing trend makes it possible for users to access their favorite website from a mobile web browser quickly and easily.


Their use is a good example of how to leverage the latest web development technology to provide users with an interactive and responsive experience. When surfing the Internet it is increasingly common to encounter a chatbot along the way, whether on a website, on a company page or even from some social networks.

The platform as such is understood as an artificial intelligence robot, capable of interacting and talking, answering users’ questions. In other words, it is nothing more than small software with artificial intelligence capable of maintaining a real-time conversation with users and adapting to their needs.

Their evolution has enabled the omnichannel, creating a user experience in times where the immediacy of information is the cornerstone.

User Interface (UI)

In order for the users of a website to have a good engagement with the content of the page, it is necessary to create an immersive and attractive environment.  Motion UI is a web development tool that allows you to create the best interface and effects to capture the user’s attention.

But do not confuse the terms UI and UX, because the difference lies in that the UI is basically focused on the optimal design of the elements within a digital platform, such as colors, forms, sections, information, typography titles etc, and the UX focuses on investigating what the user needs on these platforms and propose content to the UI.

Voice Search Optimization

It is almost predictable to say that the future of web development seems to be less textual and more vocal. Voice search is already a reality and is gaining more and more momentum, offering users a way to access business information wherever they are and to connect with their brands and companies in a more natural way.

As we all know, one of the main purposes of voice queries is related to achieving a very short-term goal.

What do we mean?

That when a user searches by voice, it will often be to scroll or make a call to one of the results, not to visit a website, i.e. they have a clear local search intent.

Voice searches tend to be much more purposeful than traditional searches, since, being conducted from a mobile device, they tend to have a clearer and more direct search intent.

The development sector is achieving great results in terms of introducing new and innovative technologies to the global market. New frameworks, mobile web application developments as well as unique designs are being created to meet the constant demands of society.

These technological trends can significantly impact a company’s overall productivity and can certainly even increase flexibility and reduce costs, resulting in greater profitability.



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