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What you need to know to make your product a complete success.

Let’s imagine that you have your product ready to sell. The one that has taken so much effort to reach the point of finally being able to market it. It’s an important and decisive moment. Why? Because the next step is to hire services that will help you achieve the best packaging design.

First, you should know that the work of packaging, in summary, involves the collaboration of three specialists: the product packaging designer (unless you hire the services of a manufacturing supplier), the marketing specialist, and the graphic designer. Let’s talk about what each of them takes into account when doing their work to make your objectives come true.

Packaging design

Let’s start with the product packaging manufacturer. They are responsible for the functionality of the design since not everything is practical for the user. Generally, the following technical aspects should be taken into account:

  • Ergonomics:

A study is conducted on anthropometry and cognitive ergonomics, meaning the analysis of how the future buyer will use it to ensure that it is easy to grip, open, and close… It is not the same if it is intended for a child audience or for older people. Here, the ergonomics of storage and transportation are also taken into account.

  • Conservation and safety:

One of the main missions of packaging is to protect its contents. For example, if we offer a food product, it is important that it does not leave unwanted odors or flavors, and that it complies with hygiene standards established by law. If it is something delicate, a resistant material along with a stable design should be used to prevent it from breaking. Regardless of the packaging, it must undergo a quality control test where its strength, weight-bearing capacity, and performance in the presence of moisture or heat are evaluated.

Architect Louis Sullivan said, “form follows function,” and this applies to product design as well. While aesthetics and attractiveness are important, they are meaningless if the utility of the packaging is not studied. It should enhance the user experience.

Let’s take a look at Apple’s meticulously designed packaging. Steve Jobs had a team dedicated solely to opening prototypes of their packaging to test which one evoked the best emotional response from the brand while properly protecting the product. The result has been a success. They took into account reducing size, lightweight construction, pleasant touch, and intelligent design that guides the user on how to open it correctly using arrows, colors, and tabs. It is an example of giving the same value to packaging as to the contents within.


Marketing strategy

Packaging is a great opportunity to create a unique value proposition for your business if you have a solid strategy behind it. This strategy aims to make the most of packaging as a promotional medium. That’s why the marketing specialist ensures that key messages are defined to communicate the brand identity and emphasize the product’s value.

The target audience is taken into account to capture the attention of potential customers and create the desired image. Even though they can’t see the actual product, it can be described through text and aesthetics.

Let’s take a look at the example of Coca Cola, an iconic bottle in the world of packaging. This bottle started as an ordinary one, but why did it keep evolving? To differentiate itself from the competition and imitators. They ensured it was recognizable anywhere in the world. In fact, when they proposed a redesign, they wanted it to be recognizable even in the dark or when broken, which was quite a challenge. That’s how the “contour” bottle we know today was born, with an easy grip shape and no need for any labels to recognize the brand.

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Aesthetic design of packaging

You’ve heard the famous phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words,” haven’t you? It’s because people have a special preference when it comes to choosing something that is aesthetically pleasing or eye-catching to each individual. But it’s not because we are superficial; it’s because we associate it with quality.

For this reason, the aesthetic design of packaging plays an important role. Of course, this doesn’t always mean using the most vibrant color from the color palette. We want to connect with people and create an attractive presentation of your brand.

From our design team, we want to mention two aspects that we always take into account. To provide you with a visual example, we have prepared a good and a bad example of packaging that we created for Nutralie, one of the brands of our company Nutriexperts, primarily dedicated to the production of dietary supplements.

From left to right, we have the incorrect example and the correct example.

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  • Recognizable brand

This point is crucial, especially if your brand is not well-known. It is essential to place the logo in a prominent location so that people know it’s you who is selling that product.

Look at the examples and look for the brand name. Isn’t the one on the right much more identifiable? Being at the top acts as a presentation. On the other hand, the one on the left is difficult to find.

  • Reading hierarchy

For the text that appears on your product to be effective, it must have a logical hierarchy, meaning it should be in a specific order of priorities. Here, ask yourself: What do I want them to read first? What text can I put in the background? When they see the packaging in a physical store or online, will they know what it contains?

Look at the example again. The first one has the information distributed in a very flat manner, which makes it unappealing to read. Why? There is no order of priorities. In contrast, in the second example, we would have the following order:

1) Magnesium. The product name as the first read in a larger size and bold font.

2) Nutralie. The brand in the background while simultaneously standing out from the rest of the content.

3) Additional Information. Engaging information that attracts the prospective buyer.

4) Quantity. In this case, it would be the number of capsules.

So, in order for your packaging to be successful, keep in mind that you will need a marketing strategy along with a good design to launch your project with the best possible presentation. A good packaging will make a difference if your brand is recognizable and has a well-crafted reading hierarchy.

At Imagine Creative Ideas, along with the business and consulting vision provided by Lifting Group, we offer to guarantee all these mentioned points and more. At Lifting Group, we have over 15 years of experience in project development and digital strategies, and we can help you address any doubts and advise you on what you need to ensure your investment is not in vain. We are looking forward to meeting you and working together to create unique designs that positively impact your business.



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