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How to have a branding consultant can help increase the value of your business

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Today, brands are the essential element of growth and competitiveness, acting as a platform and guide for the success and consistency of corporate and advertising communication. We must be aware that brands have managed to position themselves at the center of corporate culture, capable of attracting talent and generating value for society.

Branding and the why of a company is essential for any brand management. One of the objectives with which we always prioritize when carrying out a branding project is that the brand is recognized and can differentiate itself from its competition, promoting the decision of its users, as well as the ability to faithfully transmit the values ​​and brand messages to the defined target audience.

The concept of brand creation and management goes far beyond a pretty name, with bright colors and an attractive logo. It focuses on applying a series of communication, advertising and marketing strategies in order to transmit a story aligned and in accordance with the values ​​and own and real personality of each brand.

Having a brand consultant facilitates the generation of brand reputation, a determining factor in generating trust towards your user. When all the communicative elements of the brand are developed, be it the Packaging, the web, the corporate identity and among others, it is always done thinking that the brand is capable of associating itself with certain values, benefits and emotions, helping to create a strong differentiation from the competition, a fundamental key factor to gain a privileged space in the mind of the consumer and to be remembered at the time of the purchase decision.

Definition of the value proposition

The branding consultancy will be in charge of starting the definition of the value proposition. This is based on making a clear promise to our potential client, focused on solving a specific problem or need. This promise must be unique and must be able to respond to the approach that many users make, why choose you and not the competition?

Thanks to the value proposition, customers receive and are able to understand the real value of the products and / or services that the brand offers.

Get to turn your potential client into the protagonist of your brand and show him that you are not like the competition.

So having a branding consultant is vital to create strategies capable of adding value to your business model. The success of the projects is not only in the definition, but in the strategy and implementation. Defining the objectives clearly and concisely will give the brand the opportunity to have a coherent and revolutionary identity capable of impacting the market and the consumer’s mind.

It must be taken into account that in the end, branding allows us to position ourselves in the market and gradually climb positions not only in the mind of the consumer but in the heart of it, since the concept of consumer has evolved over the years. years and now one of the factors that is intrinsically looking for is emotion, the last link to create that much desired connection. A study conducted by the consulting firm Accenture on Individualism to the Collective: The Rise of the Purpose Branding, found that companies that represent something bigger than what they sell and demonstrate their commitment are likely to attract customers: 63 % of consumers prefer to buy goods and services from companies that represent a shared purpose that reflects their personal values ​​and beliefs.

At Lifting Group we take care of the entire process helping to define a strategic brand positioning, essential to attract, seduce and be significant in such a competitive environment.



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