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How have digital strategies changed as a result of Covid-19?

The situation generated by the Covid crisis has meant that many companies have had to reinvent themselves. But, do we understand reinventing as positive or negative? Both digital entrepreneurs and companies have had to turn their business around in order to move forward, there are those who have succeeded and there are those who unfortunately have not. The sum of technology and diversification has been the best way to ensure not only survival, but to know how to reorient the company, when before Covid, success was guaranteed.

 As we already know, some companies have decided to invest less in marketing and digital, because they needed to promote other aspects or activities of the business, and others have decided to take the leap and bet on it. For us, as a consultancy and digital marketing agency, we believe that investing in marketing and digital presence, is synonymous with investing in the present and especially in the future. 

But why? Because Marketing generates visibility for companies in a thousand ways, either through social networks, or through SEM campaigns, organic positioning, etc, 

Returning to the concept of reinventing oneself, here is a clear example of what it means to turn the business around and move in other directions. For example, alcoholic beverage manufacturers have started to produce sanitary alcohol, fashion brands have started to sell fabric masks and even large automotive multinationals have started to produce respirators. Not bad, right? 

The key, after all, is to be flexible, adapt quickly to changes, look for solutions to problems and above all… don’t get left behind. 


How are we seeing some changes in digital marketing in the face of the Pandemic?

  • Some small neighborhood stores have decided to join the online world and give it a try. Even if it’s just a social media presence, it’s a big step!
  • Social networks have become the new star paradigm. Not only for users, where their use has been significantly boosted, but also for brands who have realized that the use of these platforms is their best showcase and one of the fastest ways to communicate anything. 
  • Online shopping and ordering has been the star demand during the confinement. Household products (decoration, arrangements, etc.) such as delivery services take the cake. But the story is long, if you are looking to go deeper into the subject, here are some SEO tips to make an ecommerce a successful business. 
  • Abundance of Ads campaigns. Many brands have turned to the generation of Paid Media campaigns to reach even more of their audience. 
  • Communication and contact between brands and consumers has been highly reinforced and thanks to the digital channel, brands are reinforcing more than ever this communication with their customers. 
  • Exponential use of digital tools to enhance internal communication. With the Pandemic, companies are beginning to strengthen their internal communication plan, to maintain a good balance. Knowing how to communicate with your employees is almost as important as knowing how to communicate with your customers. 

If you’re still not sure why investing in marketing means getting ahead of the imminent future, here’s a general list of reasons why you should do so: 

  1. Improve your company’s visibility.
  2. It helps you to create and generate customer loyalty strategies.
  3. It allows you to open and work new sales and communication channels.
  4. It brings you closer to potential customers.
  5. It allows you to open new markets.
  6. You will be up to date not only on current trends but also on new purchasing and consumption habits. 

In conclusion we can say that Digital Marketing is essential in these times and it is clear that standing idly by is not the best decision. Reinvent yourself or die, right?



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