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2017 is off to a strong start

The last two articles have been written against the clock and rushed…my original commitment was to write a few lines every month directed at a known public (many clients, friends, partners tell me that they read them and you, in front of the screen now, are doing the same; this is quite enough for me… ) and this makes me fulfil this commitment, and for that I thank you.

I would like to share some good and some not so good moments (you can learn something from everything and they help you to improve). Situations have arisen in January that have been of both types. In fact, over the last few years, I can not remember a day that has not gone by where both have not happened. I can only assume that this comes with responsibility; a growing company,  fighting for your objectives and dedicating your time trying to achieve what everyone else achieves..

On the positive side of January, we have incorporated new talent into our team in Barcelona as well as new clients in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. We have finalised our Strategic Plan for 2017 and we have consolidated our relationship as a Premier Google Partner. In addition we have published our  new presentation brochure and first video of one of our client’s talking about their experience working with us and, with his permission, my friend… it was Veltia and their CEO, Miquel Canut.

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This is one of the first of several testimonial videos that we are working on together with some of our clients. We are very proud that Veltia and Miquel were the first. We are really excited since our mission statement is: OUR CLIENTS, OUR SUCCESS. And it is just that; the feedback from our clients and their point of view about us makes us feel good and above all motivates us even more. With Miquel Canut and Veltia, I believe we have experienced both good and not so good situations. These situations we have faced together, side by side, with values that we not only want to transcend to our clients but also within our team.

The commitment, effortrelationship with people and implication are values that bring us together. With this in mind, it is quite obvious that those who do not share do not deserve to be part of our team.

This year is off to a strong start, so..let’s go get 2017!



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