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What is Instagram Reels and how to take advantage of it in your social media strategy?

In our article on Live Streaming, we talked about how important and essential video content is for some of the digital marketing and branding strategies. In most digital platforms today, video is getting the most traction and engagement and that implies for many brands, reinventing and adapting to the new times. For this new post, we want to talk about Instagram Reels and how you can incorporate it for your next digital strategy.

Instagram Reels (as many of you may already know), is Instagram’s new bet. The tool allows you to make videos of up to 15 seconds in which you can include music, filters, texts and a thousand other things. But is it possible for brands to communicate in 15 seconds? Yes, it is! And inevitably when you think of Reels you probably think of Tik Tok, don’t you? The similarities between both platforms are extraordinary, for this reason it will be interesting to plan a good strategy and choose the channel that best suits. Reels is a tool that well managed and thought out, can help a lot in your business plan, because at the end of the day what users are looking for is to enjoy increasingly valuable and attractive content, so getting a good combination between the two will be a real balancing act for any brand that intends to do so.

What kind of content can you make?

The truth is, that will depend quite a bit on your business and how you want to communicate with your audience. For some brands it will be easier for them, because they may already be used to creating creative videos, such as a design studio, art… but the tool is so intuitive that implementation will be a breeze. For many businesses, it can become a great letter of introduction. What do we mean by that? Well, for example, making small videos where you can inform about new products or services, a new promotion, mini tutorials, educational content, general presentation of your brand (most outstanding values), etc. You can see what options there are and possibilities to be creative too! Ahhh… but BEWARE! When you get the hang of Reels, remember above all not to saturate your audience, quality content is better than quantity.

Understanding that you already have an Instagram account, one of the steps that we have already mentioned, will be to know where to direct your marketing objectives. In other words, what are you looking to achieve with your strategy?

Here are some tips so that you can define them well:

Generate more reach for the company
Generate and boost visibility
Monitor Instagram to generate economic benefits
Get more sales
Drive traffic to the website

We leave you a Reels we made of the Unboxing of the Survival Kit 2021, which we received the whole team of Lifting Group 😎😎.

There is no need to remind you that the way you show yourself to your audience is vital. The image you give of your brand is the key to building trust and lasting bonds with your audience.

Create a content plan for the videos you want to publish.

If you don’t add the creation of a content plan to everything we have mentioned above, then… the goals you have set for yourself will be almost unattainable.  If there is one good thing about Instagram Reels is that if you want to be creative in the way you want to communicate, you will have it easy, because it is intuitive and you have a wide range of formats.

From our point of view, when creating content in Reels, we believe that some of the following points can be interesting:

Creating content that inspires, and makes your target audience feel that they can also join in and create.
Creating educational content for the user.
Using music to give it a more emotional appeal.
Generate attraction from the beginning of the video

And how can you use it for your digital strategy?

Recycle and reuse your Tik Toks:

If you are one of those brands that already has content on the Tik Tok platform, we recommend that you use these same contents for Reels, as they will most likely fit perfectly and be just as well received. And if you don’t have any content, we ask you, what are you waiting for?

Tutorials, tutorials and more tutorials!

As we mentioned above, take advantage of these short videos to promote in a creative and fun way, the usefulness of products and / or services, it will be easier for users. For example, if you are a fashion brand, take advantage of contacting some influencer (who understands fashion) and create a video where you show the possibilities that exist to combine different looks.

The more challenges the better:

As a brand we advise you to challenge yourself, contact people in the industry, experts and influencers and create attractive challenges for your users. They will love to see that you curate videos, as that will give them a greater sense of belonging.

Tips and tricks:

Do you want to show the world the tricks of your products and/or services? With this tool it will be perfect, as it will help users to better understand how the brand works and dare to do it.

Publish behind the scenes:

Show your users what your brand does or what it can do. Generate interest and attraction so that users are curious to know more. Leave them with the candy in their mouths!

With all this we have told you, do you think you can start preparing your battlefield? We think so. Above all, be patient and frequent, in the blink of an eye, you will see how your brand will be sky-high.

At Lifting Group, we believe that being creative and innovative with new digital trends is a great opportunity for brands.



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