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Sp-Berner, new Social Media client

Thanks to its more than 50 years of experienceSp-Berner has positioned itself as a leader in the transformation of plastics, both nationally and internationally. Their main activity is the production of cleaning utensils and products for personal hygiene, kitchen items, furnishings and industrial accessories. In this way, they have become a benchmark in the sector, with plants in Spain and China.

This company stands out for its innovative spirit and sustainable model. With the aim of respecting the environment, they develop products based on recycled plastics, using their own recycling plant that they set up in 2012.

Sp-Berner has selected Lifting Group as its Social Media agency, both for its main brand and for Shaf, its outdoor furnishing brand. Given that they did not have a presence in networks until now, a strategy for the social media channel has been developed with the aim of approaching the public and transmitting both their corporate values ​​and the news and milestones achieved, providing the company with a human face.

In this way, a creative campaign has been designed for launch in social networks introducing both companies on Facebook and Instagram, and reactivating the global brand profile on Linkedin. For this campaign, emphasis has been placed on the presence of Sp-Berner and Shaf at every moment of the day of any person, and on how their products make consumers’ everyday activities easier.


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In addition, a content strategy was created, which stresses the uses of each item, while also emphasising the characteristic features of the company. The main focus has been its differentiation and the mission to play a vital role in the society in which it finds itself, through dynamic and informative content of the actions carried out by the company.

Together with this, at Lifting Group we undertake the integrated management of all its profiles as a Community Manager service. Thus, we monitor the results of each action so that it is possible to optimise the results on a daily basis.

With a clear understanding of the environment and the target audience, we work to add value both the digital consumer and the company itself, through the brand’s reputation and the procurement of useful data for the firm.

At Lifting Group we are very pleased to contribute to the development of a leading firm like Sp-Berner through a Social Media Marketing strategy, building a durable bond with its environment and emphasising its contribution thereto.



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